Sales Manager Acceptance Letter Templates

When you are developing an acceptance letter for the role of a sales manager in a firm, you should first mention how grateful you are for the opportunity given to you, how carefully and sincerely you are going to manage the duties, and how you have decided to contribute to the growth of the firm.

To help you write one with perfection, I have come up with a useful sample letter, having a look at which, it will be easier for you to frame yours.

Letter Template: 1

(Insert or write the full name of the sender)

(Insert or write the address of the sender)

(Insert or write the relevant date)

(Insert or write the full name of the recipient)

(Insert or write the designation of the recipient)

(Insert or write the full name of the company)

(Insert or write the address of the company)

Sub: Acceptance of the position of  sales manager

Dear (Insert or write the relevant salutation), 

This letter is intended to convey to the company that I am more than happy to accept its offer of employment for the sales manager position. This is an immense opportunity for me, and I will ensure that the company is not disappointed with my work.

I, performing as a sales manager, will ensure that the objectives of the department and the entire business are accomplished with utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

The health and well-being of the employees directly under my authority will be properly treated, and their safety and security while in the company will have significant importance in my work schedule.

I will also ensure that the work environment is harmonious and encouraging to all the employees so that they can put their best foot forward and contribute to the company’s growth to the best of their ability.

As with the contract of employment, I can state with full consent that I clearly understand the terms and conditions of the contract and have signed the same, which I will be submitting to the company on the relevant date.

All the other formalities necessary to join the said position will be fulfilled by me at the earliest.

This is a very big opportunity for me, and I will not disappoint the company for providing me with the same. I will prove that the trust put in me is not misplaced.

Thanking you

(Insert or write the full signature of the sender)

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