Cabin Crew Acceptance Letter Templates

The responsibility of the cabin crew is to carry out the instructions given by co-pilots or pilots outside the cockpit.

If you are thinking about framing a good acceptance letter for such a post, make sure to write in it how grateful you are for the chance given to you, how well you will be looking after all your duties, and how you plan to contribute the organization’s success. You can also look at this sample letter of mine to write yours ideally.

Letter Template: 1

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Subject: Acceptance of the job position of a Cabin crew. 

Dear Sir / Madam,

I want to express my happiness for giving me the great opportunity of a cabin crew in the Airline Company. I am contented and animated at coming by this occasion to work for [Name of the Airline Company or the organization].

It is like a dream come true moment for me, as I always wanted to work with this Airline company because it is known for its great service worldwide. I am so much overjoyed to be a part of this airline team as well and put my all efforts to help this company for shining.

Being a Cabin crew, my responsibility is to attend a pre-flight briefing, during which I’ll be assigned my working positions for the upcoming flight. The crew will inform all of the flight details and the schedule.

The number of infants on board, and if there are any passengers left with any special problems, such as diabetic passengers or passengers in wheelchairs. Carrying out pre-flight duties, including checking the safety equipment and doing security checks, ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy, and all meals, drinks, and stock are all on board.

I will be responsible for welcoming passengers on board and instructing them to be in their seats, informing passengers of the aircraft about safety procedures, and ensuring that all hand luggage is securely stored away.

Checking all seat belts are secure prior to take-off, making an announcement on behalf of the pilot and answering questions during the flight, serving meals and refreshments, taking care of passengers, sell duty-free goods.

And advising passengers of any allowance restrictions in force at their destination, reassuring passengers, and ensuring that they follow safety procedures correctly in an emergency.

Dealing with any difficult or unfavorable condition or any passengers [who may be acting rudely or doing anti-social behavior] politely but firmly, to ensure the safety and comfort of every passenger on the flight, giving first aid where it’s needed.

Ensuring passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and checking that there is no luggage left in the overhead lockers and no stowaways or suspicious items on board, completing paperwork, including writing a flight report or flight experiences.

It’s great that your company provides my pay package details with the offer letter. I am not very sure some additional benefits like medical facilities and rewards are a part of the package. I request that you kindly provide me with the required information, such as benefits.

I reviewed the terms and conditions specified in the offer letter. I have also signed and enclosed a copy of the offer letter. I agree with the remainder of the employment terms and conditions of the company.

I will report working on [ reporting date] at [ reporting time]. I assume that I have completed all the required paperwork, but please contact me if anything endures being terminated from my side.

Thanking you,



cabin crew acceptance letter

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