Receptionist Acceptance Letter Templates

[Insert or write address of the sender]

[Insert or write the date]

[Insert or write the name of the recipient]

[Insert or write designation of the recipient]

[Insert or write the name of the company]

[Insert or write address of the company]

Sub: Acceptance of the job receptionist. 

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

With great pleasure, I accept the position of receptionist under the guidance of Mr. / Mrs. (Insert or write the name of the supervisor) with (Insert or write the name of the company or organization) which is at (Insert or write the location of the company or organization) branch. Please take my letter as a formal acceptance of the job you offered me (Insert or write the date).

As per the agreement I will be getting (Insert or write the amount of the salary) per month with the benefits like the health insurance for me and my family. And as a receptionist at (Insert or write the name of the company or organization) my regular work will be to welcome and greet the clients or guests as soon as they arrive at the office, direct visitors to the appropriate person and office.

Answering screening and forwarding incoming calls, to make sure that the reception area is tidy and presentable with all necessities. Providing basic and perfect information’s in-person via calls or emails. Receiving sort and distribute daily mail and deliveries, maintaining office securities by following safety procedures, and controlling access via the reception desk.

Order front office supplies and keep an inventory of stocks, and update calendar, and schedule meetings. Moreover, arranging travel and accommodations and prepare vouchers. Keep updated records of the office expenses and costs. 

As my first day of joining is on (Insert or write the date of joining), if there are any formalities or any documents that are yet to submit, then please inform me via my email or calls. (Insert or write the email and contact number of the sender)

Thanking you for your precious time.

With regards,

[Insert or write the name of the sender with signature]

Template: 2

(Insert or write the full name of the sender)

(Insert or write the address of the sender)

(Insert or write the relevant date)

(Insert or write the full name of the recipient)

(Insert or write the designation of the recipient)

(Insert or write the full name of the company)

(Insert or write the address of the company)

Sub: Acceptance of the position of  receptionist

Dear (Insert or write the relevant salutation), 

I am sincerely thankful to the company for selecting the position of receptionist and for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of this amazing entity. I will perform my job to the best of my ability and will try to ensure that this decision seems justified in the future.

I clearly understand my role in the company and will keep track of all the incoming and outgoing people in the company. I understand that I will be the first point of contact for anybody entering the premises of the company.

so I always have to be well-dressed and well-mannered while interacting with them to preserve the company’s reputation. I understand that any other work provided to me by a senior employee will also be my responsibility and I need to complete the same within the required time.

Time is very precious in business, and there will be no wastage of the same from my side. I also know that any misdemeanor from my side will likely result in immediate termination of my employment and I will always keep that in my mind.

I sent the contract to the concerned department with my signature on the same to proceed with the recruitment process. I will be joining the company on the Insert or write date after fulfilling the necessary requirements as per the policies of the company.

Further, it goes without saying that I am very eager to start working and join the outstanding work culture of the company. I hope that this professional relationship is beneficial to both parties.

Thanking you

(Insert or write the full signature of the sender)

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