NGO Employee Acceptance Letter Templates

Acceptance of an employee for a specific job role in an organization is a major decision, and therefore the candidate should clearly know the pros and cons of the organization.

Here is a letter sample that provides all the required points that should be present in an acceptance letter of an employee for an NGO. The letter will help the employee to know better about the company and will work better for the goodwill of the organization.

Letter Template: 1

(Insert or write the full name of the sender)

(Insert or write the address of the sender)

(Insert or write the relevant date)

(Insert or write the full name of the recipient)

(Insert or write the designation of the recipient)

(Insert or write the full name of the NGO)

(Insert or write the address of the NGO)

Sub: Acceptance of the position of  NGO employee

Dear (Insert or write the relevant salutation), 

It has always been a desire of mine to contribute to the work that (Insert or write the full name of the NGO) is pursuing, and now with this offer letter to be an employee of it has been extremely rewarding to me for all the efforts that I had put into this.

The NGO’s goal is also a personal goal of mine, and I hope to contribute to the cause with my best efforts for as long as possible.

As an NGO employee, I understand that I will have to be ready for anything at any time as there is no stringent schedule to follow. The NGO is focused on (Insert or write the relevant details).

I know that I always have to be very cautious about what I say and how I behave while interacting with the customers and the present and prospective business clients.

I will make sure that the objectives of the NGO are never compromised, and all ideals with which the NGO had originally been started are adhered to at all times of duty. No compromise to those ideals will be tolerated at any cost.

I have read the contract thoroughly, and I have signed and submitted the same to the (Insert or write the relevant department) department on (Insert or write the relevant date). Further, I would gladly fulfill any requirement if the same has not already been completed by me.

I am eagerly waiting to begin working for your NGO and be a contributor to the goal that it is striving to accomplish.

Thanking you

(Insert or write the full signature of the sender)

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