Wait Staff Acceptance Letter: 4 Templates

[Insert or write address of the sender]

[Insert or write date]

[Insert or write the name of the recipient]

[Insert or write designation of the recipient] 

[Insert or write the name of the company]

[Insert or write address of the company]

Sub: Acceptance of the job of Wait Staff

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is really a pleasure for me to join [Insert or write the company name] as a wait staff under the supervision of [Insert or write the supervisor name].  I am thankful for this employment opportunity. I will sincerely fulfill the duties as outlined by the administrative department of [Insert or write the company name].

I was indeed waiting for an opportunity to work in [Insert or write the company] which has a brand value in the market. I will be reaching on time which would be sharp at [Insert or write the time] on [Insert or write the joining date]. 

I am an organized and disciplined person and in my professional life, I prefer to work in the same way. I have excellent academic scores and did specialization in hotel management. I did start my career as a delivery boy of a popular restaurant whose name is [Insert or write the previous restaurant name].

I never made delays in reaching the workplace and doing my delivery services. Later on, I was promoted to wait for staff in the same restaurant. I worked over there for [Insert or write the experience period]. Since I will work in [Insert or write the current restaurant name]; it will be my second place of employment. I will do the duties as instructed by my supervisor and be a positive contributor to the team.

You have already discussed and Insert or write the goals that I have been assigned to do; I just want to repeat them for the sake of clarification and also assuring to do with sincerity and on time. I will be welcoming the customers and show them to their allotted tables for dining.

I will be responsible for giving out handouts of the menus and taking orders for the food and drinks and serving them as well.  I will be also assisting with bill payments and also be taking the charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the dining area and also of tables and chairs.  In fact, I will make the guests and customers comfortable till the time they are within the restaurant premises.

We already had a discussion about my salary package and find it exactly mentioned in the offer letter. I am also aware that I will start receiving the benefits after 30 days of employment. 

Thanking you,

[Your signature]

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