Budget Manager Acceptance Letter Template

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Subject: Acceptance of the job position of a Budget Manager

Dear Sir / Madam,

With extreme delight, I am writing this letter to confirm my acceptance of your job offer of a budget manager at [Insert or write the name of the company or organization]. I am elated to find that I will be joining the [Insert or write the company branch name].

I give you my word that being a part of your company; I will always put my best foot forward to make a fair share of the contribution towards the organization.

As the budget manager of such a prominent company, I will be performing all the duties to the best of my capabilities, making sure to identify variances budgeted and actual financial results at the end of each reporting period will be suggesting good spending improvements that will increase profits.

Will be forecasting future budget needs, will review the budget of the company for compliance with legal rules and regulations, will always be designing and implementing effective budgeting procedures and policies, will be presenting the annual budgets to the senior managers without any delay ever.

I look forward to starting my employment there soon on [Insert or write the date] at [Insert or write the time]. My monthly remuneration of [Insert or write the salary], the benefits and perks, the paid leaves are all agreeable with me.

I hope to have a good experience working here and if you need any more information about me regarding anything prior to then, please let me know. 

Once again, thank you for presenting me with such a chance and I really see myself being a major addition to the team.

Thanking you,

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