Database Developer Acceptance Letter Templates

[Insert or write address of the sender]

[Insert or write the date]

[Insert or write the name of the recipient]

[Insert or write designation of the recipient]

[Insert or write the name of the company]

[Insert or write address of the company]

Sub: Acceptance of the job database developer.

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am glad to receive the job offer for the post of database developer at (Insert or write the name of the company or organization) which is at (Insert or write the location of the company or organization).

The job offer is quite fair, based on the position’s requirements and responsibilities and my capabilities. Please record this letter as my formal acceptance for the offered position.

As we discussed in my last interview, I understood that my salary as a fresher will be (Insert or write the amount of the salary). And as a database developer, my job will be to provide guidance and support to application developers, assist with scheme design.

SQL query tuning, and code review, installation, tuning, implementing and upgrade DBMS installations, deploy and write SQL patches, also to upgrade and improve applications scheme and information upgrades.

Moreover, to pay attention to detail at all times, proactively and regularly make recommendations for system improvements, to collate, prepare and present statistical data for internal and external use.

Thank you once again and for the confidence that you have in my abilities to perform the duties that will be expected of me. As my first day will be on (Insert or write the date of joining), so can you please tell me whether I have to take anything along with myself for the first day or not.

You can inform me via mail, my email id is (Insert or write the email of the sender) or else you can directly call me on (Insert or write the contact number of the sender).

Thanking you for your precious time.

With regards,

[Insert or write the name of the sender with signature]

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