Thank You for Referral Email: 10 Types Templates

Businesses often function on referrals. It happens in the organization to refer a client to a known place, If someone does this favor to you then assure you to send them a thank you note to make them aware that how much you value their support.

This thank you note will work in a bidirectional way. One, this will acknowledge their efforts and second, they will feel pleasure to refer another client to you. 

We are providing you a few samples for thank you note for the same. While this note it is not important to offer a discount or some other token. Simply expressing your appreciation and gratitude is adequate.

Template: 1

Thank You for Referral Email

Jennifer Caruana
353 Narrow Street Line
Bentwood, AC 53241 

October 1, 2019

Dobby MacInnes 
Chief Web Manager
Orkut Data Solutions 
321 Business enclave. 
Random City, RC 2345

Dear Mr. MacInnes,

I would like to express a thank you note for referring Joey Hamilton to me for product design services. The Hamilton Agency is a respected firm, and I truly praise your self-assurance in my capabilities. As you are aware, their product availability has been very limited up to this point, and Mr. Hamilton has expressed interest in making it a much more imperative part of the business.

I am very enthusiastic about this wonderful opening and the challenges he has offered me and is sure that he will be gratified with my work.

With this word, I would like to express my hearted thanks to you and offer you a discounted package for the next update of your product design.

Please let me know if I can do more in your favor. I will feel good to contribute to the same.


Best regards,

Jennifer Caruana

Template: 2

Thank You For Referral Email

your correspondence address
City name, state, and pin code

Date (___/__/__)

Name of the Receiver
Job Title of the Receiver
Name of the Proprietor
Proprietor’s Street Address
‘s City, State, and pin Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Sur Name:

I would like to extend my thanks to you for referring me to the manager’s position at Orcus Pvt. Ltd. I appeared for a scheduled interview today (5th march 2019) with the human resource managers panel. I answered all the questions asked by the panel and they seemed satisfied with my answers.

Hence, I can say the interviews went well, and I loved the opportunity to learn more about Orcus employees’ culture. I am looking forward to the next steps in the recruiting procedure. Mr. XXXX assured me that they would be in contact within one week. And Furth more they asked my desire whether I would love to receive information through the post.  

Moreover, I really appreciate your kind help with this job referencing. I am grateful for this assistance.

Best regards,


Job profile

Contact details or signature

Template: 3

Thank You For Referral Email

Dear Mr./Ms. ______

I expect that you might have settled at your new estate properly. Whenever I passed your old estate, I felt something missing about my neighborhood, and always wish to see you and extend my blessing to you and your family whenever I visit the place.

But thank you to refer another family to me for the real estate services. I have enjoyed the conversation and meeting with them and have faith that I will be successful to provide them with desirable property for what they are looking for. 

Again, I like to extend my thanks for this great referral.

Date __/ __/ __

Best regards,

(Mention your name)

Template: 4

Thank You For Referral Email

Dear Mateo,

I would like to thank you for referring Dr. Vicky Sirois to me for medical equipment supplies. I love to represent your medical equipment supplies and enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate your referral and found it very good for my business. 

Thank you again for sending a new customer referral for my business expansion.

Date: __________


Name _____

Template: 5

Thank You For Referral Email

Dear Jane,

As a lawyer, this is the best compliment to receive new clients from the old clients’ referral. It is soothing to know that my old clients are satisfied with my services.

Thank you so much for this reward. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffer came to my office with your reference letter.  I am pleased to inform you that I have already started to work on their cases and pointed out a few imported links.

Please accept the enclosed certificate CCD as a small token of my appreciation for the referral.

If you need my legal assistance in the future, please let me know without any hesitation and do contact me immediately. It will be a great pleasure to work with you as your legal advisor again.  

With best regards


Template: 6

Thank You For Referral Email

Dear Samantha,

Today I got two new orders from west New York and it delighted me when I came to know that you had referred them to me. Thank you so much for your word of mouth promotion for my business and for putting in a good word for me.  

Each time you recommend my company, this motivates me to work hard and provide more satisfaction to my customers. This is a great compliment for me and I really appreciate your for his referral to my business network.

 Once again thank you so much 

With best wishes and regards,

Raffaele Dolton

Template: 7

Thank You for The Referral Letter

Dear Madam,

Today I got a call from M.Sc. A student from MIT university for Economics guidance classes. I was pleased to know that you recommended my name for this purpose. 

I really appreciate this referral and am happy to know that you trust me for this Nobel work. I asked that student to join my new scheduled batch for the economics class from tomorrow. 

Again, I extend my thanks for maintaining my goodwill among students.

Best regards


Template: 8

Thank You for The Referral Letter

Hello Sir,

It is my pleasure to write to you about my recent encounter with one of my customers who was referred to us by you. I am glad that you took the time to recommend our business to someone as this shows that you think our service is at par and you have been satisfied with it. The customer gave us huge business and has assured us that they will let us fill the next tender for the business year 2021-22.

We are grateful to you and would also offer you a discount of 10% on your next purchase with us.

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