Thank You Email After Meeting: 9 Templates

To keep the spirit of a conversion positive and high, you must always stay in touch if you have met someone recently and look forward to building a good relationship, never forget to write back to them and thank them for the time they gave you.

It helps in letting the person know that you are very interested and hence things will start on good terms.

No matter how formal or informal the meeting was, I wrote back some words of appreciation to them.

Template: 1

Thank You Email After Meeting Samples

Hi again, 

It has been great since we last met. I simply needed to catch up on my last email to check on the off chance that you are as yet keen on having another meeting about the new restaurant that we plan to open in the madison square area.

I truly increased some important data from the last meeting we had, however, I simply needed to discover somewhat more data, on the off chance that you have the opportunity. 

If it’s not too much trouble let me know when you are accessible to meet again to talk about the restaurant.

Name of the sender

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 2

Thank You Email After Meeting

Hey <name>, 

I was simply pondering Philosophy and technology and it helped me to remember the meeting we had on “Date”. 

I sent you an email on <date> about perhaps arranging another meeting, I was thinking about whether you’ve got an opportunity to understand it? 

I neglected to make reference to in my unique email that we have met before and are going to work in the same team in the coming times because of the collaboration hat the government has made with our company. 

Anyway, thanks again for your time on <date of first meeting> and I trust we can meet again to additionally examine how philosophy can enhance technology. 

Fare thee well and talk soon! 

Name of the Sender

Organization Name

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 3

Dear Mr. “Receiver of the letter,” 

Thank you for setting aside the effort to meet with me a week ago. As referenced, I have watched your vocation with intrigue and believe you to be a coach and a good example; I truly valued the chance to examine the business with an innovator in the field. 

I was delighted to hear your knowledge in regards to genetic engineering, and it is the field of tremendous opportunities.

After our meeting, I discovered this article from The New York Times [include link] that you may discover intriguing. I’d be keen on hearing your considerations on it, especially about utilizing mechanization to make continuous associations. 

I anticipate interfacing again soon. 


Sender’s Name

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 4

Thank You Email After Business Meeting

Dear Ms. ____________________

Thank you for setting aside an effort for a demo of our showcasing computerization stage. I acknowledged finding out about the agony your group faces regarding fragmenting possibilities; getting input causes us to all the more likely to comprehend clients’ needs and redo their involvement in the stage. 

I’ve connected a contextual analysis to this email in regards to the achievement one of your individual money-related establishments experienced when tweaking their division and making content that reverberated with their possibilities. 

When would we be able to plan a subsequent discussion with our group so we can jump into the stage’s division capacities in more prominent detail? 

I anticipate getting a notification from you and will catch up in the not-so-distant future to plan a demo. 


Name of the Sender

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 5

Sample Thank You Letter After Business Meeting

Dear “Reciever’s Name,” 

It was a delight to meet you at the Downtown NYC Networking occasion a week ago. Even though we hold some differentiating sees, hearing your perspective on amplifying current open doors was edifying. 

As a development, I needed to connect a white paper created via Seabury Enterprises. It references a portion of the themes we talked about; on the off chance that you think it bodes well to have a further discussion with respect to what we could do to work together, how about we intend to meet again soon. I’m including a calendar in my online schedule and will catch up with you to examine meetings for lunch or espresso. 


Name of the Sender

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 6

Hello “receiver’s Name.”

I might want to offer my thanks for our meeting yesterday. It was both pleasant and enlightening. Your canny introduction contained a few inventive thoughts that we are currently considering for our new promotion effort.

The panel has requested that I express our genuine gratefulness and welcome you to keep on offering your mastery and exhortation to us as we formalize our game plan. With your authorization, I will advise you when we plan our next arranged meeting. We will anticipate seeing you there. 

With Regards
Name of the Organization

thank you email after meeting

Template: 7

Hello “receivers name.”

Thank you for the open door you offered me to meet for the testing position. The improvement ventures sound energizing, and the individuals I met were amiable and proficient. “Organization Name” appears to be an awesome work environment, and the “area name” is excellent and convenient for me.

I will be accessible one week from now and will be glad to give more data to assist you with settling on your choice. 


 thank you email after meeting

Template: 8

Hello “Name”

Thank you for meeting with me on Thursday to talk about the chance of my moving to the “Organization Name”.

As I referenced, I am keen on the decent variety of tasks that the company handles and would likewise locate the geographic territory just as I would prefer. I feel that I would fit in well and could contribute a lot to your plan endeavors. I would be satisfied if you somehow managed to remember me for your group. I will anticipate your choice. 

“Sender’s Name”

 thank you email after meeting

Template: 9

Thank You for Meeting with Me Email

Hello Team,

Thank you for permitting me to show you our new item yesterday. I valued the time you took from your bustling timetable. I trust you discovered my introduction helpful and that you could perceive how our program can be of extraordinary incentive in your bookkeeping division.

I will call one week from now to get your response to it and to check whether we can plan some other time when I can make an introduction to a portion of the other key individuals in your area of expertise. 

Sender’s Name

Organization Name

 thank you email after meeting

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