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Thank you Letter for Promotion – 9 Format Templates

It is very necessary for us to thank the people who help us climb the stairs of success. One such moment is when someone recommends you for promotion. That person believes in your capabilities and thinks that you will be able to do it.

You must thank them for their contribution and promise that you will never let their trust down and will work hard and honestly. You must extend gratitude to them and if possible meet them in person to convey your regards.

Thank you Letter for Promotion

Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 1

Dear Mr Copley 

I needed to place my appreciation at my ongoing advancement into a letter with the goal that it might go on record for others to see. I needed to tell you exactly the amount I value the chance and duty that accompanies being elevated to Regional Sales Manager. I feel it is an open door I have earned and won’t baffle you with my exhibition. 

At the point when I gazed with Justin Hobart eight years prior I made it an objective to arrive at the executives before my 10-year commemoration. On account of your devotion to my improvement and achievement I had the option to move into a position where I could arrive at those objectives. The acknowledgment of this expert dream will go about as just the starting to a long and prosperous administrative vocation. 

Your direction and counsel has been significant in helping me to accomplish this objective. I needed to thank you for taking such a great amount of break from your own profession to verify that I had the option to accomplish the entirety of my objectives. 

Earnestly Yours 

Lawrence W. Eastman 

Local Sales Manager 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 2

Dear Mr. William,

I am writing to thank you for my ongoing advancement. Your trust in my capacities implies a lot to me. Your straight to the point exhortation and sincere help have been noteworthy factors in my improvement. I anticipate the new difficulties and open doors for development that this position will bear the cost of me. 

Much appreciated once more, for your assistance and trust. I will do my absolute best to outperform your desires for me. 



Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 3

Dear Ms. Perkins

I genuinely value your contribution to the promotion at CA Articleship firm. This is a feasible chance; one that will give me a possibility at significant development and progression. 

Your authority capacity has been fundamental to my expert advancement. You have perceived my qualities and based upon them. Much thanks to you once more, for your direction and backing. I will give a valiant effort to never frustrate you. 




Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 4

Dear Mr Hurd, 

I might want to accept this open door to thank you for my ongoing advancement to the situation of Logistics Manager. 

I am both energized and complemented to be picked to head the new coordinations group. It is a position and region that I am sure about having the option to make the vital changes and upgrades to guarantee 100% proficiency. I am anticipating working intimately with you and the individuals from the group and I earnestly acknowledge this offer. 

Earnestly yours, 

John Smith 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 5

Dear Mr James, 

I might want to earnestly thank you for offering me the situation of showcasing my supervisor. 

I am amped up for this new chance and having been with the organization for a long time, I feel that my experience will be a resource for the group. I am thankful that you suggested me for this advancement and am amazingly excited about being a piece of another youthful group. 

Much thanks to you for the trust you have appeared in me by offering me such a desired position and I anticipate working with you. 

Genuinely yours, 

Tom Smith 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 6

Dear Mrs Winters, 

I am composing this letter from Germany! I am sitting in my new division in Munich and can’t exactly accept my amazing good fortune. I might want to earnestly thank you for prescribing me for the situation of deal officials at the Lidl base camp.

It is just because of your steady help and thankfulness that I have had the option to arrive at this position. I am appreciative for this astonishing chance and am anticipating further creating myself. 

I am certain of effectively utilizing my abilities and anticipate the difficulties ahead. If you don’t mind acknowledging my earnestness, a debt of gratitude is in order for your help and direction. 

Truly yours, 

Jodie Wilson 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 7

Dear Ms.Karelle, 

I need to offer my thanks for giving me this splendid open door for demonstrating my potential inside an organization. By elevating me to the situation of showcasing administrator, you allowed me to understand the potential I have to the advantage of our firm. 

I need to thank you for confiding in me, and I will attempt to put forth a valiant effort all together not frustrate you. New obligations of this position will be performed capably. I anticipate beginning my work in another position, and I am certain that you won’t lament your choice. 

Much obliged to you again for allowed opportunity. 

Elizabeth Peres 

Karelle& CO. Company 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 8

Dear Sir, 

I need to stretch out my sincerest gratitude to you for having faith in me and thinking about me for the advancement. I am genuinely obliged and roused by your choice. I guarantee you, I will give my best to come up to your desires and you won’t lament this choice of elevating me to the situation of Finance Manager. 

The way that you have such a lot of confidence and trust in my abilities makes me need to work significantly harder. I guarantee you that I will convey my 100 percent for all obligations doled out mindfully and won’t let you down. 

Expressing gratitude toward you by and by for giving me this brilliant chance. 

Yours Sincerely, 


Fund Manager 


Thank you Letter for Promotion Sample 9

Dear Robert,

I might want to tell you the amount I value your significant commitment for my ongoing advancement to . Your trust in my ability to deal with the obligations and duties regarding the position implies particularly to me. I profoundly esteem your trust and trust in my work. 

Your recommendation and direction has been significantly valuable to me and has helped me support my qualities and address my feeble territories. 

Once more, thank you for your assistance and I am particularly appreciative for your help. 


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