Thank You Letter to Customers: 10 Types Templates

You are so happy with the growth of the company from the level of infancy to maturity that you thank the customers with a full heart for their extended support. You are surprised by the increasing numbers from 3 to 30. 

You have benefitted from their unconditional support. They have praised the business everywhere and so it has been word of mouth that has benefitted your business a lot. You are extremely thankful for their unconditional support.

How to Write Thank You Letters for Customers?

  • Write what role do they play in your business
  • Make sure you personalize the letter.
  • Give them a coupon for the next purchase if the business can afford it.
  • Make sure you share with them the milestones that you achieve.
  • Give them credit for your success.

It is very necessary that you show your gratitude to your customers, clients, and employees because it is them that a business is running so every opportunity that you get make sure your use it and tell them how important are they and what they mean to you and to the business as well.

A gratitude letter is usually sent when a deal is done or a customer purchases something, rest you can send them a letter as and when the business reaches a milestone.

Letter Template: 1

Thank You Letter to Customers

Hello “Customer name”

Today is our 3rd anniversary and we would like to extend gratitude to you for your continuous support. In these three years, we have grown from 3 to 30 people in our team and looking forward to expanding, even more, the reason for this will be your trust and regard. 

It was your faith in us that let us get ahead with different projects that we got and the word of mount marketing which we know was done by you. There are many big small projects that we begged because of your reviews and it fills our hearts with immense joy that being our customers you have supported us unconditionally.

We will be forever grateful for your constructive criticism and look forward to having a long journey with you.


Letter Template: 2

Thank You Letter to Customers

Hello “Name of the customer”

A business is worth anything only if the customers it has been satisfied. You are one of our oldest clients and someone who has always given us constructive ideas and has helped us grow. It is a matter of joy for us to inform you that we have been taken over by one of the major clients without any tweaks in our previous dealings. 

It is a matter of joy for us that we are now part of a bigger company where we will get even more chances to serve you, we want to tell you that we will use this platform for even better customer service and assure that the quality of the product would not decline.

We are looking forward to having you with us for many more years to come. Thank you so much for being such a loyal and supportive customer.


Letter Template: 3

Thank You Letter to Customers

Hello, “Full name”,

Greetings from “Company name”

We are so glad to tell you that you were our 1 millionth customer and after checking our database we have realized that you have been a regular customer of ours. It is a matter of pride for us that in one year we have grown as a company and it is because of customers like you who have trusted us with their clothing needs.

We are now expanding and will be adding more sections to our website soon and we hope you will enjoy that as well. We are crediting your account with 1000 points (1 point = $1). We request you to spend this on anything that you wish to buy from us. 

We wish you all the best and would love to have a long relationship with you. Do drop your recommendations for us if any, we will be glad to go through them.


Letter Template: 4

Thank You Letter to Customers

Respected sir/mam,

On our 10th anniversary, we are looking back at our journey and we see exponential growth, and it’s because of your continuous support. We want to extend our gratitude n behalf of the whole “company name”. It might be that at times we might have disappointed you or weren’t of much use but your constant trust and faith in us have helped us grow as a team and as a business. 

A loyal customer like you is an asset to our company and we would like to apologize for any previous inconvenience caused by us but we would like to tell you that on this anniversary, we want to promise that we will value our customers even more because this journey wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Kindly accept our gratitude and be associated with us. You are precious to us.

Regards and best wishes

Letter Template: 5

Thank You Letter to Customers

Dear customer,

It has been a journey full of adventures, successes, and failures but what matters is that you have stuck by our sides in all these adversities. Your support and loyalty have helped us overcome all the hurdles that came our way.

We started with nothing but limited products but we intended to offer you a big range of products without compromising the quality and your patience has given us time and a chance to fulfill our dreams.

This has been a huge journey but every order of yours has motivated us to push our limits and here we are. We would like to extend a coupon to be used on your next purchase with us on anything you wish to buy, the bill will be on us. 

Keep supporting and have faith, we will never let you down.

Letter Template: 6

Thank You Letter to Customers


It is a matter of pride for us that you have decided to place your bulk order of stationeries with us. We are overwhelmed with your email and this is definitely a turning point for us as a business. 

Your faith in us motivates us to do bigger and better. We assure you that you will receive the best product in quality and price both. The first consignment will be sent to you this Wednesday and we will look forward to your review of it. We assure you that the students and teachers will love the products and will work hard to get this contract renewed with you.

Customers are the king and kind deserves the best. Accept our gratitude.


Letter Template: 7

Thank You Letter to Customer for Their Support


Greetings from [Company name]

It is a matter of pride for us to write this letter to you to thank you for being our valued customer for around [mention the number of years]. You have been there with us for a long time, being an important part of this incredible journey and we are truly thankful for your support.

We have seen you purchased a lot of products from [mention the name of your store] and we must say that you have a pretty good taste. You have been such an amazing shopper.

 We have got great news for you, and that is, we are adding more innovative stuff to [mention the item section or sections] and we know that you will like them all. In addition to this, we are also transferring [mention the number] of coins to your [mention the store] account, using which you will be able to buy anything you like at a half price.

You have shown this much faith in us and have always stayed along with us, we are truly grateful to you for that. Being one of the prime customers, do let us know if ever you face any issues, our 24/7 customer representative will take care of that problem first and if you ever have anything to recommend then please let us know about that as well. We would of course see to it.

Once again, the entire team of [mention the name of your store] would like to thank you for your love and support. Keep shopping and we will always be at your service!


Letter Template: 8

Thank You Email to Customer for Their Support


Greetings from [Company name]

We still remember starting our [mention the name of your shop] journey back in the year [mention the year] with very few items but slowly and steadily we rose to fame, all thanks to millions of our customers and their undying support and belief in us.

The whole team of [mention the name of your shop] would especially like to thank you for being with us for more than [mention the time period]. Checking the database, we found that you have been our first customer and you have always bought from us, showing faith in our products. 

We are immensely glad that to date, there are no complaints from your end, which shows we have managed to offer you a fulfilling shopping experience.

Furthermore, to show how grateful we are to you, we are providing you with 3 exciting discount coupons, [mention them], and using these you can get an [mention it] off on any item you like. We would also like to let you know that the higher management has decided to make you a certified customer of our store and the benefit of this will be, you will enjoy a [mention the no. of years] free membership, which in other words means, you won’t have to pay any shipping charge for any item. It will be absolutely free of cost.

You will also have several other advantages and for this, we request you to refer to the membership page of your [mention the name of your shop] account. We hope you are glad to know about it. Congratulations! Happy shopping!


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