Emotional Thank You Letter to Friend: 10 Free Templates

Friendship πŸ«‚ is the least demanding relationship in the world. It is a selfless bond, and we must thank our friends from time to time. 

If you are thinking of writing an emotional 😍 thank you letter to your friend, dive in. It can be challenging to express your emotions with friends, especially when you share a bond of humor and sarcasm.

But find that small πŸ’― moment of sharing how grateful you are to have them as your friend.

What to Write in an Emotional Thank You Letter To a FriendΒ 

Emotions are right there, but facing difficulty in conveying them on paper? Well, no need to πŸ™„ worry. Read the pointer in this section and find πŸ”Ž the right words to show your feelings. They will help you understand the process of drafting this emotional thank you πŸ’Œ letter. 

  • You can compose a letter to a special friend who you wish to thank. Start the letter by addressing them with sweet 🧁 words and positive wishes. 
  • Check up on your friend πŸ˜‰ and ask him about his health and life. These questions will show your care towards them. 
  • After you set a positive 🌻 and friendly tone for the letter, start with the thanking part. Express your gratitude for their presence in your life. 
  • You can show how grateful you are to find them. Passionately pour your heart ❀️ out into the letter and write the words that naturally flow out of your heart. 
  • Gently touch all those points and instances that are briefly special to you.
  • Try to write in a specified manner. You should directly address all those instances and qualities of your friend that make you feel grateful for his or her presence in your life. 
  • Mentioning past moments is a good way of thanking your friend. This way, you can build a good πŸ’― trail of memories. 
  • At every step of the letter, keep writing about those little things that your friend has done for you and thank πŸ™ him or her for it. 
  • Do not limit your perception by the generalized guidelines, and be as authentic as possible. 
  • Connecting emotions πŸ’• through humor is also a good way to make your friend laugh as they read this thank-you letter.

How to Write an Emotional Thank You Letter To Friend (Tips)

How can you make this letter more refined? Besides letter writing, there are some attributes you need to look πŸ‘€ into to give that final touch to an emotional note.

What are they? Well, you need to scroll πŸ“œ down to find that right here πŸ”½

Share a personal space

This letter will remain between you and your friend. Press on this thought to express your original thoughts without any second πŸ’­ thoughts. This letter lies in a personal space shared with your friend. 

Throw off your hesitation

When you are writing an emotional letter to a friend, you need to throw off your shawl of hesitation. Remember that he or she is a close friend of yours, and embarrassment is to be felt in public, not when you are with πŸ’‘ friends. 

Particularities and specifications

An emotional thank you letter is completely different from a formal letter. The more specific you are, the more genuine and ❣️ heart-touching it will be. Be particular about all those things you wish to thank your friend for. 

Write naturally

This kind of emotional letter can’t be made up. You should follow your instincts while writing such an emotional letter to a friend. Let the words flow naturally with your emotions.

Template: 1

Emotional Thank You Letter to Friend

Dear Friend,

A wise person once said that friends are the precious gift that anyone could ever have, he said right as I have you. You are one of the greatest gifts for me, you always stood by me.

Last year when I was in financial trouble you were the only person who trusted me and helped me to get out of that trouble by giving me financial aid.

I sincerely want to thank you for putting your faith in me, you showed me the greatness of God and how he listens to us and sends like you in the form of a friend. You are like my family. Now it’s my time to pay you back.

This Monday I will transfer your money with some interest and that interest is only to thank you. Please take it as a gesture of gift.

Yours Sincerely


thank you letter to friend for giving you money

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Template: 2

Thank You Letter to Friend for Supporting You and Your Mother

Dear Friend,

I am very thankful to you for always standing by me. Since my father died there was no one to support me. Only you and my mother supported me. Now slowly and gradually my life is getting back to normal. Now I am going to university daily and pursuing my studies with my full strength.

I hope someday I will become successful and support my family and I know I have you as my strength and motivation. Words are not enough for me to explain my feelings for you but I want to thank you again for being one of the best teachers.

You taught me how to choose battles wisely. You showed me how to deal with life. You made me realize how important each day is.

I hope when you come back from your college, you will come to my place first and then we will have dinner together like in the old days.

Thank you


thank you letter to friend for supporting you and you mother

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Template: 3

Thank You Letter Friend for Standing Beside us While Grieving

Dear ABC,

We want to thank you for the comfort and support you have given all of us. John and I want you to know how much we appreciate your care and love for us. Our grief would be much harder to handle without friends like you.

Our son will always be in our hearts and could never forget. He is a sweet, loving son and we are always grateful that he is a part of our family. He will always be with us in our loving memories.Β 

We want to invite you to our place for some lunch. Feel comfortable coming someday. Just give me a call whenever you get some time from your schedule. We will sit around and have some chit-chat. Thanks again for offering your condolences. 

Yours loving

thank you letter to friend for standing behind while grieving

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Template: 4

Thank You Letter to Friend for Recommending You for Job

Dear β€œName”,

I am sincerely thankful to you for everything which you have done for me. I know this is a little formal way to express my feelings but the things which I can write can not tell you by saying.

You have helped me a lot by giving me your reference to a renowned company. I am so excited to tell you that finally, I have got a job in an HR position with a good package.

It is my privilege to have a friend like you. You have already done a lot for me. You were always there beside me in every difficult phase of my life.

Anything good happened to me in the past. I owe it to you. I will be happy to do something for you in return. I want to tell you that you count on me anytime. I will always be there for you whenever you need me. I am inviting some of our close friends for dinner this weekend. I hope you will reach on time.

Yours loving


thank you letter to friend for recommending you for job

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Template: 4

Thank You Letter Friend for your Support in Tough Times

Dear ”Name”

It has always been a privilege to have you as a friend. I really don’t know how things would be if you were not beside me. You have always shown great support and brought inspiration to me. I have no idea how I would have coped with the loss of my wonderful husband. If I have you on my side then I have everything in this world. Thanks never seem enough at times like this. 

I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness while I was going through all this difficult time. I hope to see you soon in the town. Your presence means a lot to me. You help me to take out from the depression and stick around me all the time when I need you the most. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I LOVE YOU!

Yours loving


thank you letter to friend for support in tough times

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Template: 5

Thank You Letter to Friend for Providing Food

Dear ABC

We are grateful to have friends like you. It meant so much that you took the time to provide a meal for our family. It was wonderful to have no worries about meals during this difficult time. You made our day so much easier by bringing food to our family. It was so nice to be able to spend time with the family without worrying about preparing dinner. It was not only delicious but also appreciated. 

We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy and support at this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I am so glad to know that I got your back in all ups and downs of life. You will always find me with you if you ever need a shoulder to lean on. I will always be grateful to you. 

Yours loving


thank you letter to friend for providing food

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Template: 6

Thank You Letter to Friends for An Amazing Party and Food

There are many people in our lives who are so important to us and we are always a part of each other’s happiness and sadness. We should always write a thank you note to those people as a gesture that will allow you and your friend to develop better bonds and strengthen your relationship. 

Dear (Name of the person),

I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness in inviting me to the holiday party at your house. I really enjoyed the time that I spent with you and your family. It was fun enjoying all afternoon in your backyard. Those burgers were grilled to perfection and the toppings on the pasta were really delicious. the all dishes were so lip-smacking and delicious. Honestly, I never had this kind of food. I am so thankful to you for such a beautiful party out there. 

the gifts which you gave us after winning the games are really nice and useful. The return gift was also appreciable. You are the best host I have ever come across. I wish you all to come for your next holiday party at my home and I am sure that we will all have a wonderful time together. I hope that we get time to be together at my place. I will try to give you the same level of comfort which you all have given us. 

Your entire family is so supportive and friendly. Tell aunty and uncle I said hello and you give them my regards. 

Yours loving,


thank you letter to friend for an amazing party and food

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Template: 7

Thank You Letter To Friends For Zestful Holiday Party

You should simply thank your friends for being in your life and for being your friend through all ups and downs. You should never wait to thank them on a special occasion or after receiving help from them. We can help them with anything and anytime.

Dear friend,

Thank you so much for inviting us to the zestful holiday party at your place. It was really fun out there. The games you planned for all of us were really nice. I would like to have a recipe for your meals. I am worried about whether they will be as delicious as yours or not. You are such a magnificent cook and an admirable host. You are one of those people who make my life better by just being in it.

You have really made a holiday worth inviting us to your party. It was the best holiday party we have ever attended. You are so patient with the kids and also corporate with everyone.

We are also having some friends over for a party at our house during the holidays and we would love to have you join us. I will call you as soon as we have the details. Thank you so much for the return gift. It was so thoughtful.

We never knew that you are so skillful in dance. the performance you have given was wonderful. Thank you for throwing such a splendid party at your house. we will always remember it. thank you once again. 

yours loving,


thank you letter to friend for zestful holiday party

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