Thank You for Quotation Letter: 6 Templates

While you want to do business with someone, you make sure that you get the best price for the product or the service that you are going to deal in and hence you float tender in the market and wait for contenders to submit their individual pricing for the same and that’s how you decide who is going to do it best.

How to Write a Good Thank You Letter for Quotation?

  • You must tell how their price suits your budget
  • Make sure you tell them that they are a good prospective partner
  • You must convey when will be the allotment results will be out 
  • Make sure you inform them about the competition they have got them in.

How to Respond After Receiving a Quote?

  • Writing a thank you letter for quotation, mention in it, how grateful you are that the company has sent a quote.
  • Mention the name of the project and little details about it.
  • Tell them what happens next.
  • Finally, inform them they would have to check the company website if any positive news appears about them.
  • Ask them to share their contact details (phone number as well as email ID) for any possible future communication.
  • Wish them luck and hope for the best.
  • The letter should be written precisely, just mentioning what needs to be there.
  • Never write anything unnecessary in a quotation letter.

Template: 1

Thank You for Quotation Letter

Hello, “Company name,”

We would like to convey our regards and gratitude to you for submitting your quotations for our upcoming project in California. We are currently reviewing as we have received an unexpectedly large number of quotations from various companies.

It is to let you know that your interest matters to us, and we definitely look forward to working with the best prospects for the current project, but as we are in the phase of expansion, you must keep an eye on our website because we will be soon publishing about few more of our project in the coming months. 


thank you for quotation

Template: 2

Hello, “Company Name,”

It is a matter of pleasure for our organization to have received such an overwhelming response from the vendors and the quotations. We have received your interest as well and it makes us glad that you have shown your kind interest even though this is for the very first time that we are planning to expand out of our home state. 

As we will be shortlisting the tenders based on experience, pricing, and also the experience of the team, we might be needing some more information from you in near future and hence we would like you to not lose contact. It will be a great help if you could provide us with an individual’s number as the point of contact. 

Hoping to see you shortly. Kindly accept our gratitude. 


thank you for quotation

Template: 3

Hello “Company Name/team.”

Our process for filling quotation for our contract is over now, and it is a matter of pride for us that many reputed companies have shown interest in the upcoming project. We do have some strict criteria for filtering as this project is extremely crucial for us and hence we don’t want to take any risk.

We have received your entry in our quotations too and your experience in this field has particularly interested us hence we would like to get in touch once before finalizing anything and hence kindly stay in the loop for updates.

We are thankful to you for showing interest and filling the tenders.


thank you for quotation

Template: 4

Hello, “Company Name,”

As you must be knowing that the last whole month we were accepting quotations for the yearly contract for stationery supply for all our branches and it is a matter of pride that we have so many vendors across states who provide quality stuff and are ready for delivering in all our locations. 

Though with so many quotations, we have got options to select from yes this process will be tedious and hence we would like to tell you that the results might take some time to be published but yes we will also keep you posted about the status. 

We want to thank all the vendors who have taken the pain of going through all the formalities and filled up the tender for us. We are really proud that our business has received such an enormous response and you all have made this possible. Kindly accept our gratitude and stay in the loop for further updates.


thank you for quotation

Template: 5

Hello “Name of the person.”

We are very thankful to you and your team for taking interest in our recently floated tender for the cafeteria services in all our branches. As you must have already gone through our requirements, we want to tell you that as we have received unexpected numbers of tenders from various teams, we might need to get in touch with you for further details that might help us select the best one for our requirements. 

As you must be knowing that before anything will be finalized we might be visiting one of the places where you already are present for a quality check and hence we would request you to prove us with a point of contact which would be available for us. 

Thank you for showing an interest we are currently in the middle of processing all the tenders, we will update once the process is over and who has won the contract.

thank you for quotation

Template: 6

Hello, “Team Name,”

It is a matter of pride that you have personally shown interest in our business where we are just beginning off and the personal meeting with you in the last week has been fruitful, and we have received your quotation for the new project that we discussed,, and hence we would like to convey our gratitude for being considerate enough by not quoting high amounts as we currently have some budget constraints. 

We would like to meet you once again to discuss some of the technicalities and also to come on the same page regarding the legal requirements of the projects.
We are very grateful to you for this quotation. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


thank you for quotation

Template: 7

Respected “Company Name/Manager Name”

We are thankful to you and your team for submitting your prices for the upcoming project that e have notified. It is because of many more enthusiastic vendors that we have received such an enormous response from the market, and it has boosted our confidence that we will be able to complete the projects with the help of vendors like you. 

As we have received huge numbers of quotes, we might be taking a little longer than expected, but we will be reaching out to you personally if any more information is required. Have patience and wait for results.


thank you for quotation

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