A Thank you Letter for Raising Voice on Violence Against Women

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Social workers always speak up for those who never speak for themselves. People always get back at social workers at the time of trouble. We should always be thankful for becoming the voice of many people. 

Hello “Name of the social worker”
I want to take the time to express my sincere gratitude for all your actions taken toward the well-being of our community. You are the bravest personality I have ever met. You are a role model for me and an inspiration for many others.

You have taken great initiatives against the “dowry system”, “violence against women”, “child marriage”, “child labor”, and “rape”, and also in the favor of “inter-caste and inter-religion” marriages. You helped a number of people to make their lives better. So many people are thankful to you for your bravery.

You have saved a huge number of lives. I have talked to so many girls who were blessed to have you in their lives. They were thankful to you that you have raised their voices for all the torture they have gone through in their lives. They were happy that you changed the mindset of their parents with your thoughts.

You really become the light of many people when they feel hopeless. You have done a great job in your life and inspired so many people and now they never give up because of you. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and I hope you keep supporting the weaker section of the society.



thank you letter  for raising voice on violence against woman

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