Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher: 8 Types Templates

It is very often that parents write to the teachers for one or the other reason and sometimes it is when parents want to thank the teacher for something like helping the kid with some subject, or for understanding the special needs of the kids or many more reasons are there.

Usually, it is so that parents meet and express feelings but a letter is also a good way to express gratitude towards teachers.

How to write a good Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher:

  • You must mention whose parents re you
  • You can tell the teacher for what are you thanking them
  • Address how your child has shown significant improvement
  • You can also ask them when they are free to meet 

Template: 1

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (giving special attention to your kid)

Hello Sir/Mam,

I am extremely happy while writing this email to you because in the past 1 month my ward “Full name” has shown significant improvement in his reading skills.

As a parent of an autistic child, it gets very difficult at times for me to handle my kid but your patience and guidance to both of us have helped us immensely and I know that a mere letter thanking you is not enough. 

I have visited the school twice and have found you involved with the special kids and it makes me really worry less because to date no teacher has shown so much interest in my kid and I guess other social kids as well.

Thank you so much mam for your support and attention.


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Template: 2

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (sponsoring your kid’s school fees)

Hello Sir/Mam,

Today my kid returned from school and trust me I have not seen him this happy in the last few months as we had so many tensions hovering over our heads. 

The news that he broke out to me has made me feel glad and also very grateful that after knowing our story, you have decided to sponsor my kid’s education for this whole year and trust this is more than good news to me because

I have been worried about this since the day our business got bankrupt and we have filed for returns and insurance which are taking time more than normal. 

I don’t know how would I ever repay back to you and this is something I never thought someone would do for us.

You are an angel, who has come as a helping hand for us in this moment of tension. I would soon visit the school and meet you personally because I don’t think this letter will properly convey my feelings to you.


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Template: 3

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (giving your kids name for the competition)

Hello Sir/Mam,

Thank you so much for giving our daughter’s name for the upcoming spell bee content which will take place in new york this year.

We were quite confused about the process of how to proceed with the application and today my ward told me that you have already processed the application and we will be soon hearing from the school in this regard. 

Thank you so much for helping us in this confusing process and taking responsibility of our kid. We know that you have played a major role in the English vocabulary of my daughter and hence I would lie to give you the credit for her extraordinary performance in the competition held at the school level. 


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Template: 4

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (Approving the Leave of Your Kid)

Hello Sir/Mam.

We are extremely grateful to you for approving my ward leave application in the middle of the term but as you know that he has never been absent unnecessarily,

this is a special case scenario as we have lost his grandfather just 2 days back and will be heading to Michigan for his funeral and I don’t want my son to miss this last opportunity for connection to his grandfather who he was very close to. 

I will make sure that we return within his leave period and he doesn’t miss out on school and studies for long. I once again thank you for being considerate and understanding our situation.

I will visit the school once we are back to know all his homework so that he doesn’t lag behind in the class.


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Template: 5

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (Teaching Your Kid Dance)

Hello Sir/mam,

We have recently known that you have joined the school as a dance teacher and I am writing this letter to you because my ward is loving all your classes and there has not been a single day that she hasn’t mentioned your class.

We are glad that she has developed in dancing and has been very serious about it lately. 

We want her to learn the basics of dancing till the time she is in junior class and after that whatever dance form she will love, we will enroll her in the classes accordingly. We are extremely grateful to you because before this she hasn’t taken this keen interest in any dance classes and hence I believe you are an exceptional teacher. 


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Template: 6

Thank You Letter from Parents to Teacher (Taking Care of Your Kid)

Hello Sir/Mam,

This isn’t a thank you letter for some very special task but it is for being the exceptional teacher that you are to my ward. He idolizes you for your behavior and also has started copying your style in the house also. 

We have lately seen many changes in him which are helping him grow as a human and he never forgets to mention you. We are looking forward to meeting you as we want to understand his pros and cons in detail before deciding anything for him 

It is you who has motivated him to look for passion in anything he does and also have guided him while befriending anyone. We are glad that he has a guide like you in school who is showing him such a good path and would always want him to be in contact with you.


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Letter Template: 7

Thank You Letter to Kindergarten Teacher from Parents

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the address of the sender]

[Mention the contact details]

[Mention the email address]

[Mention the date]

Subject- Thank You Letter to Kindergarten Teacher from Parents

[Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the contact information]

Dear [Mention the name of the recipient]

I just wanted to drop you a little message to let you know how much you’re valued! I am aware that occasionally it may seem like an unappreciative job to teach a class of fifth graders. With all the lady drama, rivalry, and hormones this age group is going through, you could occasionally feel more like a referee, babysitter, and counselor. But your dedication to your students, all the love, patience, and long hours has not gone forgotten. I am extremely appreciative that you are my daughter’s teacher this year. Each of them is becoming a big star in the classroom. I sincerely appreciate what you do on a daily basis.

What a fantastic year this has been! You are such a wonderful encouragement to Sarah as her student government instructor. Thank you very much for all the guidance you’ve provided her this year regarding college, social situations, and school. As you are aware, some of it has had a significant impact on her life. She has really advanced both socially and academically because of the stress of moving and the drama of high school. You deserve a lot of praise for this. Her progress has been greatly aided by your counsel and faith in her as a student, which gave her the self-assurance she required to forge her own course. I sincerely appreciate everything. You are an excellent teacher.

You are one of those exceptional professors who pupils will remember fondly and with appreciation in the future.

Thanks for your time.

[Mention the name]

[Mention the profession]

[Mention the contact details].

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