Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift: 10 Types Templates

Weddings Are Very Special and The People Who Attend Weddings Are Also Very Special. This Day Marks a New Begging in Our Lives and To Grace, This Very Event, a Lot of People Come To the function and bless us and some also gift us things which they feel will be useful for us in the coming times and hence you must take time after marriage to see the gifts and thank them or the surprises and thoughtful gifts that you receive. 

How to write a good letter/email for thanking you for a surprise gift

  • Thank them for being so thoughtful 
  • Mention how well you use the gift 
  • Tell them how surprised were you to see something so useful
  • You can express where did you see that product and wanted to buy it for so long 
  • You can also send some return gift

Template: 1

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Hello, “Full name”,

I hope you are doing good. I must say that your present has surprised me to the core because I didn’t know that I will ever be able to visit the alps. You booked a 3 days visit for me and my husband there and I know no one knew my this wish other than you.

You have been extremely generous in doing so and I don’t know how will I ever make it up for you but yes at this moment I just can dream to be in that place, the place of my dreams with the man of my dreams.

Thank you much for making me so happy, I thought with the wedding getting over, my happiness will be rescued but you have made sure that I stay happy for some more time. 


Template: 2

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Thank them for giving you a dinner set

Hello, “Full name”,

Oh my god, I just opened the present that you gave me and I am so so happy looking at it because with the new house I was anyways exploring different things to buy and you have given me something so so useful that to exactly the same shade which I love.

I know that you have always known my taste in cutlery and you know how choosy I am when it comes to cooking and my kitchen. 

Thank you for being so thoughtful and I would be soon inviting you for dinner so that we inaugurate the dinner set together. I must say that you have good taste in cutlery and I would definitely now take your recommendation before I proceed with further purchases for my new home. 

Template: 3

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Thank them for giving you a set of bean bag 

Hello, “Full name”,

Looking at your gift I am sure that you have known me for a very long time because how else would you know my love for comfortable furniture. When it comes to home decor I am more of a comfortable person than being a designer or choosy one.

When I opened the gift I was initially thinking about who would gift this but then I realized that it was just before my wedding when I was telling how I was planning to decorate the new apartment where I was shifting with my husband and these bean bags.

I would like to invite you to my new place for a small get-together and have also invited some of our close friends. Will be sending you the details soon.


Template: 4

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Thank them for gifting you an amazon voucher 

Hello, “Full name”,

Oh my god, you have given me an Amazon voucher for $5000. This is a big amount but I know that you have known me since childhood and you know my taste which is quite unique and you didn’t want to take any risk and hence you gave me this voucher. 

Thank you for being so considerate and for giving me the chance to buy things of my use and choice. You indeed are an amazing friend and you totally understand me and how I would be able to explore more with this money.

Though I am not very sure about I would make it up for you but we will figure that out too. 

Thank you for coming to our wedding. Let’s meet soon. 


Template: 5

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful surprise

Hello, “full name”,

Only when I came to terms that my only childhood and best friend will not be my bridesmaid, did you reach out and surprised me. I am still not able to digest that you actually flew from Australia and attended my wedding.

I know that you were in the middle of your deal and it was very necessary for you to be there but you managed to attend my wedding and of course, you handled me quite well because you know how nervous I get when anything big is happening in life.

Thank you for taking out time and coming to my wedding of course, I  know that you have taken a big risk so take care of your project and tell me once you have cracked the deal. 

Take care


Template: 6

Thank You Letter for Wedding Gift

Thank you for giving us a voucher for home renovation

Hello, “name”,

I am still so so overwhelmed that you actually gave us a voucher for home renovation. Since the day I got married, I have been thinking about how to make this bachelor condo and couple’s apartment and now when I saw your coucher in my mailbox, I could see all my planning falling into place.

Though we have enough space in the house, I am not sure how to use it and also what kind of furniture will be good for our house, now with the experts on board, we definitely will be able to figure out something.

I have taken their appointment and once all this is done, I will arrange a get-together so that you also enjoy the taste of your gift. I am really grateful to you for your generous gift and will never be able to make it up to you.


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