Thank You Letter Flight Attendant so Delightful with Care

When we go for a journey on any plane or rail, there are only hosts and hostesses who make the journey better and more comfortable.

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Thank You Letter Flight Attendant

Dear (name of the company),

I flew a Boeing 777 from Paris to France on October 1. one of your air hostesses gave me remarkably good service. I am writing this letter to your company to thank that air hostess for making my travel experience so comfortable.

I also want you to thank your company for training them so well. She was so friendly and she gave me some extra food when I was feeling very hungry. She was visiting everybody, again and again, to make sure that everyone was comfortable on the flight.

I also saw her giving medicines to the passengers who are feeling sick and she was also taking extra care of senior citizens on the flight. With this great experience, I am very thankful for your company and your air hostess for making my trip a good experience.

From now I am only going to travel on your company’s flight. I’ll become a loyal customer of your company. Thank you for serving me. Please convey my message to your air hostess.

yours thankful

(name of the person)

thank you letter fight attendant

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