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Thank you for Assignments: 6 Letter & Email Templates

New assignments can be anything like a new spying project or a new academic project or a new business assignment. So whosoever it is who has given you a new assignment, you must make sure that you thank them for trusting you with the responsibility that you will be able to work on the new assignment also complete that in the given deadline. 

How to write a good thank you letter/email for a new assignment-

  • Make sure you assure them that the assignment will be completed on time.
  • You can ask any question related to the project if you have 
  • You can tell them about your previous track record with similar projects
  • You must be kind yet formal with your language.

Thank you for Assignments Letter & Email Templates

Thank you for a new academic assignment

Hello Sir/Mam,

I am overwhelmed with the project that I received from your team last evening. As you must know that I have done my masters major in medical sciences and this assignment is also related to a survey that has to be conducted in the whole city and hence I will be more than happy to start working in this project and prepare a questionnaire for the health status of the citizens. 

Though I have some questions which I would like to ask as to what is the age group that we are targeting and also what is teh timeline in which you want us to complete this project. Kindly reply back to the same email chain and we will start with the project. 


Thank you for a new business assignment 

Hello Sir/Mam,

I would like to start with a heartfelt thank you for providing us with this opportunity for doing business with your company. In this relationship of over 3 years, we have done bilateral trade uncountable times and now when you have given us the opportunity for becoming your permanent vendor for your logistical support, we feel overwhelmed with the trust that you have shown in us. 

We have received the notification of delivery of over 100 articles in your different business center and it will be done before the time that you have mentioned but we have few doubts as in some of the products the brand name is not mentioned and also in few products, the quantity is not mentioned, so I am attaching the sheet with the email, as soon as you update this we will go ahead with the packing and delivery. 

We once again thank you for this additional responsibility and will make sure that we dont disappoint you.


Thank you for a new detective assignment 

Hello Sir/Mam,

Thank you so much for reaching out to one of my team members and as you have given us enough hints for what the assignment is I would like to meet you once, so as we can work on the strategy of how should we start the investigation of the concerned person before taking any legal steps. 

We are glad that you have chosen our agency for your very secret work and hence we would like to request you to keep our identities a secret in the public sphere. I have received the photograph of the concerned person and will get started with looking for initial background verification of the concerned and later will meet you with a preliminary report. 

Thank you for giving us this assignment and we will wholeheartedly finish this project.


Thank you for a new psychological assignment

Hello Sir/Mam,

We are really glad after receiving your email for a new assignment that pre-dominantly deals with mental health and things to do to stay in good health. We are extremely happy that your team is looking for an expert in mental health for spreading awareness amongst your team and hence we would love to conduct this seminar as soon as possible. 

Also, as you have mentioned that if there are any serious cases where personal help will be required you would want us to do personal counseling as well, so I would like to have a word with you related to this like how many personal sessions and what all do you look forward to. 

Kindly reply to this email if you have any additional demand and we will be happy to help. Thank you for trusting our agency for mental health-related seminars, we look forward to having a long association with you. 


Thank you for the new renovation assignment 

Hello Sir/Mam,

Our team is glad that we have won the tender for renovating your California branch. This project is going to be a big one for us because this will be our first collaboration with you and also that with your association our green home office practice will come in the light which will help us aware people about the benefits of green offices. 

As while submitting our tender, we have submitted some of our unique practices while renovating any space, we would like to now discuss that in detail and also we have received the floor plan for your office and hence will be submitting our redesigning plan for the same soon. 

We thank you for providing us with this new assignment, hoping to meet soon with further details and discussion.


Thank you for the new assignment for content writing 

Hello Sir/Mam,

Thank you so much for the email that you have sent me last evening and I have done a brief study of the requirements that you have sent me. Kindly find the file in attachment. 

Also, I would like you to please go through some of my content that I have previously written on similar subjects so that if there is any specific format on which you are looking for your content to be written, I can use the same approach for finishing this project. 

I am extremely thankful to you for trusting me with your requirements as I know that for this project you must have received numerous applications. I will make sure that I provide you with the best unique content and also it will be SEO optimized.



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