Thank you to Corona Warriors: 6 Letter & Email Templates

In this pandemic when the whole world went through lockdown there was a group of people who were working relentlessly for our convenience may it be doctor, sanitation workers, or essential service providers.

How to write good thank you letter for corona warriors-

  • Mention how their service helped them
  • Bless them with wishes so that they remain safe 
  • Tell them how life was easier because of their work
  • You must also tell them that they should take care of them.
  • Convey to them that you will cooperate in whatever they do.
  • Explain how they are doing noble unmatched services

We have remained safe because of them working overtime and hence we must thank them for being such a helpful part of our society and we can either thank them through big advertisements or send them personal letters. 

Thank you to Corona Warriors Letter & Email Templates

Thank you for delivering medicines 

Hello Sir/Mam,

I hope you are doing great and are healthy. This pandemic has been tough for everyone but the services that you provide have made lives easier for people who are suffering from chronic illness. I want to specifically take a moment to thank you for delivering medicines for my mother who has Blood pressure problems. Though we keep medicines in stock due to lockdown, her medicines got exhausted and we were extremely worried but your organization helped us get her medicines and so that she doesnt fall sick. 

I’m really thankful for you being so fast and fulfilling our request within 24 hours and my mother also has sent blessings and a small token of love for you. Your work is noble and we will make sure that you dont face any issue because of noncooperative society and hence will stay inside teh houses. Kindly take care of your health. You frontline workers are an army fighting an unknown virus which is a very tough task.


Thank you for keeping the hospitals clean

Hello Sir/Mam,

I know that the times are tough and we right now dont know when things will get back to normal but what you are doing for us and the society is a very big thing. Not everyone is strong enough to stand out when they know that the virus might affect them but you have been selflessly working for the betterment and safeguarding our sanitation. 

It was last week when I was admitted to the hospital and I saw you and your whole team working tirelessly even when you were in the very uncomfortable PPE suits. I want to show my gratitude to each one of you for helping us stay safe and take the risk of self. 


Thank you for working overtime and treating patients

Hello doctor,

Now I know why doctors are called gods on earth because while the whole world is locked and there is an unknown virus roaming around us, you people have been working overtime and taking care of people. Even while knowing that you might yourself get infected you have not been reluctant in working for the society and nothing more selfless act exists on this earth. 

I know that a lot of doctors are already infected and have been sent in quarantine but still I see no doctor losing hope and treating their patients with all their might and will. We are blessed to a profession on this earth which is so noble and selfless. Thank you for facing this as an army on the border and taking care of your public. 


Thank you for helping me get money from my account

Hello, “Bank manager”,

It was last week when I suddenly needed to withdraw a huge amount from my account as my wife was admitted to the hospital for her treatment. I was really worried because most of the places are closed and the ATM was also out of money but when I stepped in the branch, I was surprised to see that even though less in strength, the banking professional was there to help people. 

You people must be meeting so many people every day, which puts you at risk of getting infected still you have not closed the bank and continued helping teh people with money matters and hence I want to thank you on behalf of the whole city for your selfless service. 


Thank you for taking online classes 

Hello “teacher name”,

I am a “student name” mother. Since the lockdown started, I saw everyone being so perplexed and not knowing what to do and how to proceed forward but it was just 20 days back when you started taking online classes for my son and I have seen him finally found something which he really enjoys doing in this lockdown or else he was really bored with nothing to look forward to. 

I know that your native is in the countryside and you must be facing issues there as well but your spirit in these times is helping a lot of students and their families. I want to thank you for being a support for my son and giving him hope that things will get back to normal and he will be able to meet his friend soon. 


 Thank you for safeguarding our borders

Hello Sir,

You people are made of something which is not found in all the public because no matter what happens, a pandemic, extreme climate, or some other adversity, you stay strong and guard our borders. I know that the borders remain critical and the enemy can harm us anytime so you need to be very vigilant and that’s what keeps us safe and let teh functioning inside the country can run smoothly. 

I understand that it must be tough to stay away from loved ones for so long and I want to thank you for being the protective shield and thank you for working 24*7 for the safety of the country. May you get all the happiness and return home soon and meet your near and dear ones. 


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