Nursing School Reference Letter Template

If you have planned to refer someone whom you know as your student for the nursing school then you need to describe her academic background and professional capabilities.

In case you are searching for exact words to write a reference letter for the enrolment of the candidate in the nursing school, you must use this particular sample link. You may find it matching with what you had been looking for. This is the way to save your research time and labor.

Letter Template: 1



[Designation of addressee]

[Company name]


Subject: Reference for Nursing School

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter with immense pleasure, to highly refer [mention candidate name], who has applied for admission to [mention name] Nursing School.

I was [mention candidate name] professor in college. He/she was in my class, and I have known him/her for [mention number] years. He/she comes out as an energetic, smart, and meticulous person. His/her performance in class was outstanding. He/she has a great passion for helping people.

He/she took part in a lot of volunteering projects which turned out pretty well. I believe he/she has a lot more to offer, and through his/her overall asset he/she deserves this opportunity. There will be no doubt about his/her work experience.

I would highly reference him/her for your nursing school that wants such a good employee. I am sure you will not regret your decision.

 If you need any discussion further, you may reach to me anytime at (mention phone number) or through an email (mention email address).

Thanking you


[Sender name]

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