Tenant Reference Letter Sample Emails

When you are writing a reference letter for an individual for a good tenant then you should ensure that your letter mentions why you think he or she can be a good tenant, and whether that individual is financially sound enough to manage the monthly or yearly rent, and whether he or she is a good person.

If you want then you can refer to this useful sample letter of mine as seeing it you will be able to frame yours perfectly.

Letter Template: 1

Tenant Reference Letter Sample


[Name of the recipient],

[Address of the recipient],


Sub: Tenant Reference Letter Sample

Dear (Sir /Madam),

I am writing you this letter with the hope that you will consider (mention the name of the person) as a suitable person for becoming the tenant you are looking for. He/she has been residing in our property for (mention the time period) years.

As his / her acquaintance I am very much satisfied with his/her communicating ability and responsible attitude of paying the property fees before time regularly. He/she is one of our trusted people, who have very good behavior. He /She is very efficient in making our surroundings neat and clean. He /She is a person with strong patience and sincerity, which have helped us in different ways.

As being one of his/her close acquaintances I can give you the assurance about his/her contribution to our society. If you have any other questions you can contact us in this no. ( Contact no.).

Hope you will give this letter a serious thought 

Thank you very much.

With Regards,

[Name of the sender],


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