Decline Tenant Application Letters: 4 Templates

If you wish to inform one of your tenants that his/her tenant application has been rejected due to some reason, then sending him/her a letter is a great idea to do that. There are many letter templates on various topics attached below.

Using the following letters, you can complete your rejection letter properly. You just have to mention the name of the tenant, the house number, and the address where he/she is currently living while writing this letter. Also, you must include why he/she can’t live in your house as a tenant.

Letter to decline tenant application due to evidence of illegal habit

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I am writing you this letter to inform you that we have no regret in rejecting your tenant application for the XYZ property at ABC. We got to know from important references that you are engaged in some illegal activities also we investigated your background which does not give any positive report.

We had made this harsh decision of rejecting your application not only because of sources and other investigations but it is also our personal observation that you are a chain smoker so we could not allow you to rent a property at ABC. Before applying for any property for rent, you should be a person with a strong character.

Your main character leads to a problem for the families in which they have their kids. children will be influenced by your activities which should not be tolerated by their parents and we definitely do not want you to allow us to be a part of our building on the stake of its reputation. 

If you really want a place to get settled then you have to bring so many changes in you. I know it is quite difficult for you, but everybody will slowly discriminate against you with this character. If you want to be a part of this society and not want to be isolated then it’s high time that you should try to bring a big change in yourself so that people start accepting you. With all such activities, one day, you will lose everything. I hope you’ll understand.




Letter to Decline tenant application due to too many people

Letter Template: 2

Dear (Name of the person),

we are sorry but we have rejected your tenant application. we regret to inform you that your application is being denied because there would be too many people living in the house. I can understand that it is very wrong to say anything about the number of the family but before accepting the applications we always have to check the relevant occupancy laws. We always follow a basic rule in which two people per habitable room plus one extra person.

As you know that we have two rooms in our apartment and the number of people for which you have applied is 7 which is absolutely the rule. 

I request you to look for any other apartment either for more rooms or for the one that does not follow any occupancy laws. An apartment with 2 bedrooms may also cause inconvenience for you to get settled. As per your application, you are two couples with three children so it is necessary for you to look for a little bigger apartment so that the children will also get comfortable there and can have their own space.

These days children also want their privacy. they always have their own stuff with which they cannot want any interference. and also, it will be beneficial to you if somebody visits your place then they can also get a space to adjust.

I hope that you will understand our reason for rejecting your application and also that you don’t mind this rejection.




Letter to decline tenant application because of a pet

Letter Template: 3

Dear (Name of the person),

I am sorry to inform you that your tenant application has been rejected for the ABC apartment at MNO. we cannot allow you to rent a place because pets are not allowed to enter our building and you have a dog with you. we have some rules about pets. we can allow only small pets in the building such as birds but your dog doesn’t match our pet requirements.

We feel extremely sorry for rejecting the application. your dog is too big and hairy and may also it will be an inconvenience for other tenants around you. The sound of dogs mainly disturbs the students from their studies.

Maybe older adults also get scared of it. you will also face problems if you will stay with a dog in a building because you have to take him out from time to time for around.

I can understand that dogs are our best friends, but they may also create many problems for others. you have to give them proper training to become a part of this society. everybody around you cannot get comfortable or cannot accept them. a dog can also pee anywhere and we cannot ask him to clean it. it will be a problem for us to hire a sweeper that should be available 24/7 in the building. Before accepting any application we should think of every pros and cons which may occur in the future. 

I hope you will understand and not take it personally.




Letter to decline tenant application due to high level of debts

Letter Template: 4

This letter is being sent to inform you that your tenant application has been rejected for the ABC apartment at XYZ. We got to know from some sources that you have a high level of debts and it will be harder for you to meet all the obligations also you cannot make rent payments on time.

Sorry, we cannot accept your application and cannot give you a suitable space to live in. Also, no one agrees to become your guarantor. It will be a high risk for us to accept you as our tenant. It is always our responsibility to investigate the background of the tenants before giving them any space.

It is also our criteria to deposit larger security and you may not be able to fulfill it as we have checked your source of income which is not stable. You may try to apply for any other building as our criteria cannot allow us to accept your application.

Your history as a tenant is not so good, and the information which you provided us was false. These reasons are enough for us to reject your application. We need a tenant for our property who has a good background as a tenant and also has a sound disposable income. Our motive is not to make you feel guilty behind rejecting your application but you should make sure that from today you will make changes in your behavior and try to clear all your debts so that no one could deny you from renting their places. 



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