Adoption Reference Letter: 2 Examples and Emails

Writing a letter of reference for people interested in being parents of a child, in order words, a letter of reference for adoption, it’s very important that you are well-acquainted with such people at first.

In the letter, you should mention how you know them and how they can be good parents. To help you write it with ease, I have come up with a great sample letter, using which you will be able to create yours ideally.

Letter Template: 1

Adoption Reference Letter


[Name of the recipient],

   [Address of the recipient],


Sub: Letter of reference for adoption

Dear (Sir/Madam),

I have had the opportunity to know (mention the name of the person/couple) personally since (mention the time period). We first met at a family gathering and have become attached ever since.

They are those types of persons whom you can trust completely. They are very well behaved and caring people who can be very good parents.

They have a strong bond that helps them solve any problem in life with a strong mentality. They have all the good qualities such as love, care, and patience needed to be a good parent.

They are a very good and warm couple, who can be very good and loving parents. If you need any other information regarding this letter, you can contact me at any time. My contact detail is (contact no of the person).

Therefore I am strongly recommending them as very good adoptive parents. 

Hope you will consider my earnest request and oblige me.

Thank you very much,


[Name of the sender],


[Name of the organization].

adoption reference letter

Letter Template: 2

Adoption Reference Letter Examples



Job position:

Organization name:


Addressee name:


Subject: Reference letter for adoption

Dear (Sir/Madam) 

I highly refer to Mr. and Mrs. (name) to adopt this child (name). I know these parents personally (mention the reason for knowing). 

They want to adopt a child. As you know, a woman can only complete her entity when she becomes a mother. 

The parents have the same qualities that any other parents have. The child who never gains love and care from their parents would be able to gain these through these parents.

Parents will be able to give it a family where it will grow up under the umbrella of freedom, happiness, comfort, and security. I am particularly impressed with their great humanity, sense of humor, and kindly behavior.

The child will be able to get a lot of individual time and a lot of love, affection, and support from their parents.

The parents have the capability to fulfill their physical and emotional needs. They want to have a bright future and are ready to take responsibility for their education. 

The parents have acceptance, understanding, tolerance, and flexibility. That’s why they can easily accept the child as their child. 

I hope that the parents will become successful parents by feeling that their adopted child is theirs.

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

adoption reference letter

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