Teacher Reference Letter: 4 Templates and Emails

When you are framing a reference letter for a teacher then you need to know that person first, how he or she had been associated with you, and what his or her positive traits are, mentioning how he or she can be useful for the institution where you are making the reference.

If you want some help in framing the ideal reference letter then you are free to refer to this sample letter written by me as seeing it you can write yours smoothly.

Letter Template: 1

Teacher Reference Letter



Job position:

Institution name:


Recipient name:

Institution name:


Subject: Teacher Reference Letter

Dear (Sir/Madam)

I refer to (name of the teacher) for the position of (mention position) in your institution. 

I have had the pleasure of working with (him/her) for (mention time period). I believe that (he/she) is a qualified candidate for the above-mentioned position. 

(He/she) is a shining star of our institution that makes everything shine for (his/her) work. (He/she) is admired for being focused, hardworking, approachable, and for (his/her) friendly behavior with students, insightful leadership and knowledge, empathy, and great sense of humor. I have only heard good things about (him/her) from (his/her) student. (His/her) ability to connect with students and (his/her) talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly excellent.

(He/she) always been dedicated to continuously developing and improving (his/her) teaching skills. (He/she) is always eager to take up extra responsibilities.

(He/she) produces (his/ her) work with great initiative and a positive attitude. That’s why I strongly refer (him/her) for the position.

If you need any queries regarding this reference letter, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much.


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