Board Member Reference Letter Template

Writing a letter of reference for a person for the position of a board member, you should make sure to highlight how you know him or her, why he or she is suitable for the role, all the positive qualities of that individual and why you think this person will be able to manage such a huge responsibility.

To make it easier for you, I have come up with an effective sample letter, as going through it; you will be able to frame yours with ease.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Address of the recipient],


Sub: Letter of Reference for Board Member 

Respected (Sir/Madam),

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr (mention the name of the person) for the board member of your company. He is one of the most hardworking and reliable people I have seen (mention the time of the first encounter). 

He has a very strong mentality and very powerful decision-making skills. He is very punctual and cooperative in his every work and has a strong sense of morality. As one of his old acquaintances, I have seen his work personally.

As a result of this, I can assure you of the credibility of this reference. I will highly recommend him for your organization. I can assure you that his contribution will provide your organization with a new future. 

If you need any information regarding him, you can contact me any time (mention the contact details).

Hope you will consider this letter and oblige my request.

Thank you very much for,


[Name of the sender],


board member reference letter

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