Thank You Letter for Award Received: 10 Templates

This Is a Formal Letter. as The Recipient of An Award, It Is Your Duty to Formally Thank the Authorities Who Have Selected You for The Award. Your Letter Should Bear a Humble Tone and You Should Be Considerate About Your Fellow Competitors.

You shall thank them for recognizing your hard work and shall mention how much this award means to you. Our templates shall help you write the perfect letter to the awarding agency that shall convey your message efficiently.

Template: 1

Thank You Letter for Award Received





Subject: Thank You Letter for Award Received

Respected sir/madam,

I would like to thank you for this [mention award title] award. I am glad that you found me capable and chose me for this award.

Joining [mention company name] was one of my dreams, and today, being an employee getting this award is a great achievement in my working life. This award is very much important for me and my professional growth.

This award means a lot to me. This will help me grow my professional skills. Once again, thank you for giving me this award. I promise I will work harder from now and will support our company in growth. Being an employee for many years now is a great achievement for me. 

Lastly, I am highly obliged to you that you choose me to fit for this award and reward me. I appreciate it.

If you have any further queries you can reach us at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address]. 

Thanking you


[Sender Name]

thank you letter for award received

Template: 2





Subject: Thank You Letter for Award Received

Respected sir/madam,

I am writing this letter to give you big thanks for choosing me for this dedicated employee of the year award. As you know, I have been trying hard to give my 100 percent to it, and finally, I got this award. It is motivating for me and I feel good about myself. So all those who have voted for me, big thanks to you all.

I am happy all love my work and find me suitable for this.  I can’t express my feeling of how overjoyed I am with this. My family is also happy about it, and all are proud.

This will really help me in my career as well as to work harder for the next month. I still remember the day when I joined this company (mention the company) at (mention the date of joining). All the days were just amazing, and learned a lot from this company. So thank you for everything. 

Once again, I would like to thank you all for observing my hard work and dedication to the company. I really appreciate this award-giving system as it helps us to know our value and work more energetically.

If you want to discuss anything, you can contact me at my number (mention the number) or send me an email at my company’s mail id (mention the ail id)

Thanking you for your encouragement


[Sender Name]

thank you letter for award received

Template: 3





Subject: Thank You Letter for Award Received

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to thank each and everyone who has voted for me and thinks I am the most entertaining actor for the award. This is really nice and encouraging for me to get this and now I will try to do even better day by day.

As for our profession, this is so encouraging. I want to thank the award team (mention the team and their company) for selecting me. It really means a lot, and I hope in the future as well, I will be able to continue entertaining my audience.

I will also try to bring new and various roles as well. I did not expect this so soon, but I guess my hard work is finally paying off. I am so overwhelmed, thank you once again for this sweet gesture.

Lastly would also like to thank my audience and my well-wishers who have liked me and voted for me

If you want to have any discussion regarding anything you can call me at my number at (mention the number) or send an email at (mention the address).

 Thanking you so much for the support


[Sender Name]

thank you letter for award received

Template: 4

When you work in a certain corporation or organization, you grab every opportunity that comes your way, always giving your best and trying hard to succeed. Working hard always pays and you eventually get acknowledged and awarded for your efforts.

If you are thinking of framing a nice thank, you letter for being awarded ‘the best upcoming talent ‘title then make sure you go through this effective sample letter as going through it you will be able to create yours with perfection.

Thank You Letter for Awarding Me

Respected Sir, 

I need to pause for a minute to show my gratitude and thanks for the award you have introduced me to. Though I could see this coming but getting an assurance from your role model is always a moment of fascination and you indeed have boosted my morale.

Accepting this award is a significant privilege. This award especially perceives my work and it gives a stunning sentiment of getting awarded for the efforts that I put in. I have always followed you and your words and receiving this ward from you is more than a dream for me. I am going to work even harder and trust me will not let you trust me to go in vain.

Thank you for giving the award for the best upcoming talent.

Thank you. 

With respects

thank you letter for award received

Template: 5

Working in an organization you always try hard and make every possible effort to achieve success in every project or work that you do, you try to keep up with the expectations of your seniors and boss, and along with that, you maintain a positive relationship with everyone.

If you are acknowledged for your efforts and have been given the best employee award then you must be thinking of composing a great thank you letter and for this, make sure you take reference from this sample letter of mine.

Thank You Letter to Best Employee Award

Dear Mr.ABC, 

I am appreciative to you for thinking about me as the best worker of the year. The way that my difficult work has been perceived ingrains the trust in me to work to the best of my capacities for the enthusiasm of the association. 

I feel extraordinary to work with the specialists of various spaces in this association where each groundbreaking thought is heard and supported. I trust I will keep up the same degree of ingenuity in my work in the forthcoming years. 

This award has boosted my confidence and I promise that you will see even more work in the future I would definitely fulfill your expectations from me. I would like to thank my team for being so cooperative, and without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. 

This award and promotion have given me new hopes for working more.

Thanks and Regards, 


thank you letter for award received

Template: 6

Using this letter format, you can send your thanks to the organization head for arranging and organizing a very comfortable journey with the support of efficient and well-spoken hosts and hostesses.

You can inform me about when you had actually boarded the particular plane. You can inform the flight in detail. You should mention the place of boarding the plane for a better understanding. You can describe the ways the air hostesses were offering their services.

Thank You Letter to Employee Award

Dear “Full name.” 

Some things come in our ways when they are least expected, and this reward is one such. I worked really hard but it wouldn’t have been possible without my team and my selection is just the best thing for me right now.

I need to communicate my thankfulness to you for the most reliable employee award toward the year’s end.

The organization’s extraordinary development record makes me extremely pleased to be a part of the group. The reward speaks to me your trust in my capacities and my future with the organization. 

I do acknowledge not all associations esteem their chiefs’ very own commitment to the degree that ”company name.” does. Therefore, I feel very satisfied to work for a chef who puts genuine motivators behind the empty talk some associations provide for thinking about their representatives as their most important resource. 

I hope that I grow at the same pace as the organization and would definitely make you proud in the coming times.

My work here is extremely fulfilling. Thank you. 


thank you letter for award received

Template: 7

With this letter template, you can prove your gratitude to the organization for considering you and recognizing you like the best communicator. You can express how happy you are with the award. It has indeed made you realize how much effort you have actually put in to become the best communicator.

You can discuss the experience you went through in handling the clients with your best communication skills. You can inform me about your plans for improvement in your profession.

Thank You Letter for Award

Regarded Sir, 

Getting an award for a work in which you put your heart and soul is just beyond any words. For a salesperson reaching the target is the biggest challenge but I have always had a different approach than all my colleagues. I make sure that once I meet a client, I retain them for a long time, and to be awarded the best communicator just proves my approach right.

I am thankful for the award you have introduced me to, I am exceptionally glad to respect that award and I can’t communicate it in words. Indeed, even it develops self-assurance and makes progress in my profession. I will guarantee you that I will continue taking a shot in the same way and do right by you in the not-so-distant future. 

This award is my booster to do better and better in the future and increase our sales by a huge margin.

By and by Thank you particularly, sir. 


thank you letter for award received

Template: 8

You are extremely happy with the award as the best marketer and that too the company has been able to recognize your talent in a short period of time. You are going to appreciate their support and award for you.

You can appreciate the company’s efforts for retaining the employees for a long time with constant motivation in form of awards. You can share how you had developed as the best marketer.

Thank You Letter to Marketer Award

Regarded Sir, 

Last evening was an unexpected moment for me because it’s just been a year for me to have joined this organization but to be rewarded and be known for work is just the greatest feeling and now I have certainly believed why people have not left the organization even after working for so many years.

I might want to reveal to you that it was actually an honor to remain next to you accepting that award. It’s a stunning sentiment of getting recognized for the efforts you put into your work. I would unquestionably ensure that I’ll continue working the same way and do right by you soon also. 

The ward for best marketer has made me extremely happy and I would prove you right in the coming times. I would be putting more innovative thinking into it and making sure our campaigns top the market reach.

Thanking you indeed 

With Regards 

thank you letter for award received

Template: 9

With this letter template, you can actually officially express your thanks and gratitude for recognizing you as the best manager. You are very much happy to receive the award from the management team of the organization.

It has worked as an encouragement for you. So, you will be assuring your management to do their best to meet the objectives of the organization. You can express how it is making you feel like wings to advance in your profession,

Thank You Letter to Manager Award


I never knew that my work would take me to heights but yes now what I believe most is in hard work and a good team. I have been working for a decade and this is my first award I am extremely grateful to you and the management for selecting me.

I’d prefer to thank you for the award of the best manager. I accept this as a sign you and upper management value my efforts and are worried about my future here.

As well as could be expected, I mean to be deserving of that certainty and will give it my best shot to meet the goals sketched out in the coming year. 

Please accept my gratitude and I would make sure that I challenge myself more in the future and raise the bar for me and the team. Your trust in me has given me wings to work more and more and I will make sure that I dont disappoint you and prove your decision to be right.


thank you letter for award received

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