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Replacement of Teacher Request Letter to Principal: 5 Templates

It is very obvious that everybody wants the best education from the best educator and hence when you feel a bit of difficulty in understanding what the teacher is teaching or what is their teaching methodology.

In that case, you write to the higher authorities of the school/college or whatsoever institution it is.

Always mention your problem in the easiest words and why do you think this step should be taken and use polite words so that it doesn’t ruin someone else’s career.

Template: 1

The Principal, 

Houston High School

Sub: Request Letter to Change Subject Teacher 

Regarded Sir, 

I trust you are doing extraordinary in well-being. I am an understudy and CR of class 9th. I am composing this application for you so I can demand you to please change our mathematics teacher, as the entire class isn’t happy with his/her teachings. He is been very irregular and there is no flow in class.

The points he instructions us are troublesome and are of advanced education level that we don’t normally comprehend, and on the off chance that we pose an inquiry s/he generally will not reply and end the class at the exact instant. 

So it is a thoughtful solicitation from me and my class colleagues to change our  subject teacher MR Thomson as soon as possible so we can proceed with our subject from one week from now, as you most likely are aware the center term is from one month from now and we are left with such a lot of prospectus. 

I trust you will make a move on it right away. 

Much appreciated, 


Your name… 

On Behalf of the understudies of (Grade or area Name). 

Template: 2

The Principal, 

Commerce Chamber of US

Sub: Requesting Letter for Teacher Change 

Regarded Sir, 

With extraordinary regard, it is therefore expressed that we the understudies of Bachelor of Commerce with honors in Economics, section 1 need to demand you’re great office to change our Economics teacher, Mrs.Alicia, on dire premise. 

The present teacher is extremely decent and dedicated however tragically, his system isn’t too simple for us to comprehend. I have been facing difficulties in understanding the very basics of our course.

It would be ideal if you consider our solicitation on a crisis premise to evade further postponements as the tests are approaching and we as a whole are stressed over our (Subject name). (Warmly depict your necessities). 

Much thanks. 

Best Regards, 


Your name… 

Template: 3

Dear Mr. Rosh, 

With our ongoing conversations and parent-teacher gatherings at the top of the priority list, I might consciously want to demand that my child Matthew be moved to another English class with another teacher. In addition to the fact that I feel that the instructive estimation of my child is being undermined yet no offense, I feel that you are not able to show fifth grade English class. 

Hence, I am modestly asking that you move him to another English class with another teacher so he can really learn English. On one day, you had the understudies perusing the web on school PCs and eating Ice Cream as opposed to chipping away at assignments. On one more day, they were watching Action films which I question the chief endorsed. 

I’m coming to you before I go to the head and the administrator with this issue. I might want to keep it just among us and if the School Counselor should be advised so as to change classes, at that point that is fine also.

It would be ideal if you take this letter to mind and call me in the event that you have any inquiries or worries over the aims of this letter.

I might want to see my child progress admirably and I feel that his English aptitudes have really dropped since two evaluations back when he was really accepting assignments to do at home. 

You can get in touch with me at 938-291-1122 

Allen Rogers 

Template: 4

The Principal, 

ABC Institution. 

Subject: Request for changing Teacher 

Regarded Madam, 

With most extreme regard and respect, I am composing this application for the benefit of our entire class, 8th A. Madam, we regard our all teachers and this is our commitment however on the off chance that we won’t talk about this issue, it will be loss of our examinations.

We need to demand you for changing the subject teacher of ‘Maths’. You realize this is such a fundamental and specialized subject to see, yet we imagine that we can’t see how the new teacher ‘Mrs. XYZ’ clarifies.

She doesn’t help out understudies if any inquiry is asked twice. Madam, kindly don’t accept it as a grievance however as a solicitation from us. We trust that you’ll think about this application. I will be obliged. 

Yours Obediently, 

Class Representative 

Template: 5

The Dean, 

Florida Institute of Sciences

Subject: Request for Teacher Change 

Regarded Sir, 

With high regard and respect, it is expressed that I’m composing in the interest of my whole class and I need you to get our issue in front of you as we trust that you’ll certainly consider our solicitation which is clarified further. Sir, the issue is it is extremely fundamental for understudies to comprehend the ideas of instruction and exercises which they are really learning.

I concur that all the teachers at our organization are exceptionally qualified and persevering yet once in a while, understudies are not ready to comprehend the perspective of their teacher and it is a characteristic wonder. The similarity between understudies and teachers is the most required factor. 

Sir, I need to make reference to that we value your knowledge and teaching philosophy yet lamentably we are not ready to comprehend the ideas which you convey. Doubtlessly, you have enough capacities however I surmise we can’t get your thoughts which are clearly forceful.

Sir, I demand you to generously think about our ask for and organize another subject teacher for our group. We trust that, you’ll unquestionably comprehend and think about our unassuming solicitation. 

Expressing gratitude toward you in expectation. 


Standard 8

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