Lawyer Services Request Letter: 5 Templates

When you need legal help, a well-written Lawyer Services Request Letter is like the key to the legal world. It’s the first step to getting professional advice.

Whether you’re stuck in a tricky legal situation or just need guidance for everyday issues, writing a short and convincing letter is super important.

This letter is like a formal ask for a lawyer’s help, where you explain exactly what you need. Whether it’s solving legal problems or getting advice on contracts, the Lawyer Services Request Letter helps connect regular people with legal experts.

In this article, we’ll look at how to write a great letter to make sure your legal needs are clear and precise.

Lawyer Services Request Letter 

What to write and what to omit to create a professional Lawyer Services Request Letter? No need to worry with the guidelines given below 👇

  • As you start writing the letter, acknowledge yourself and your case. This is the essential part of the ✉️ letter. 
  • Write your full name, place, and position of work. Following this, write ✍️ about your case or any other legal proceedings that have compelled you to write this letter. 
  • As you write about the case, give all the necessary details. This will include the date 📆 on which the case was filed, the nature of the legal proceedings, and an entire explanation of the case. However, the explanations should be short and crisp. 
  • After you have introduced your case to the lawyer, you can request the lawyer to be the active 🤵‍♂️ lawyer in this case and assist you in the legal proceedings. 
  • Attach necessary copies 📑 of the case or at least the basic charts to give an insight to the lawyer. 
  • You can also write about how these legal proceedings are affecting your personal and professional life. Through this, you can display your desperate 😥 situation and your need for a good lawyer to take over the case. 
  • If the lawyer belongs to a firm where you have a connection as an old client, you can also emphasize that part. 

Write 🖊️ a few lines of praise and acknowledge the substantial standings of the lawyer in the legal field. This part aims at impressing the lawyer to convince him to take part in this case. 

Inquire about his fee 💵 structure and how he would go about the case. You can ask other questions; however, it is suggested to keep it short as the final decision of the lawyer is pending. 

About all the above details, you can wrap up your letter with a firm plea to the lawyer to provide his services. You can end the letter with the wish for a positive ✨ response. 

Lawyer Services Request Letter 

Besides the content, the tone and other details improvise the letter. Get a clear idea 💡 about it with these tips.

Be Humble and Professional

Have a humble tone throughout the letter and talk formally and professionally. How you express your case to the lawyer is very crucial. Therefore delicately present your case.

Give Correct Details

Inaccurate pieces of information can make a poor impression. So, be keen on writing all the details of the case accurately. 

Do Not Fail to Provide Contact Details

You must share appropriate modes of contact to communicate, like phone numbers or email addresses. Without them, you will be unable to communicate further with the lawyer. 

Template: 1

Lawyer Services Request Letter

Dear (Surname of Attorney)

Sub:  request to discuss case no – 1342 related to sons’ custody

This letter is to introduce myself and remind my case no (_________) regarding the custody of my son (name of the son). Moreover, I would like to inform you that I might attend the court proceeding, which is scheduled on the (______________). It is very clear to me that you have been appointed to represent my case and help me to retain my son’s custody. I am requesting to make an effort to grab this case in my favor.

In the situation, if I am not granted physical or legal custody, I would like the name of my relative (______), who is in my relation (name), to be given custody.

I am hoping to have an appointment to discuss my case to make this more influential and act in my favor to reunite with my child and to prevent the court from terminating my parental rights.

Thanking you


(clients’ signature)

(clients’ name)

requesting lawyer services letter

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Template: 2

Lawyer Services Request Letter

Hello, Ms. Shelly,

I am Chiara Facciani, heard about you and your work experience from my friend and she recommended your name for my future business plan.  I would like to tell you that I am going to start a new venture for software products and services and I am looking for an attorney to help me in the following.

  1. Document advisory and assistant for foreign trade and business
  2. I need some license agreements for buying new required supporting products.
  3. Assistance in copyright/ trademark issues I need to be aware 
  4. Assistance for legal financial and investment advisory that I should know to get started my venture what I do know very little.

Therefore, this is a request call for help.

I completely agree that lawyer and client engagement is not a one-off service but a long-term relationship, and I make sure to maintain this relationship and I am comfortable with this. Now would like to ask you, “Do you have space for me?”.

I am looking for assistance I could rely on when I need not very frequently but in demanding situations.  I offer you work from your place and connect with my business over the phone or skype (whatever you prefer).

Hence I am requesting you to quote your service charges so that we can communicate for further work schedule.

Looking forward to your reply and please inform me if you’d rather talk over voice or meet in person, my schedule is quite flexible.

Thank you



Chiara Facciani

requesting lawyer services letter

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Template: 3

Lawyer Services Request Letter

Respected staff,

My name is Quinto Chevalier, and I am writing this letter to bring to your kind notice that I filed a case against my neighbor regarding property endorsement through your firm later on, I found a change in lawyer appointment for my case discussion and management.

I filed a complaint in your firm that I am not satisfied with the appointment of the newly appointed lawyer’s performance for my case. I reported this complaint about three-time, but unfortunately, no required action was taken by the firm.

This is completely unexpected and never happened in the past as I m an old client of your legal firm. 

Now I am at the end of my hearing, and I have already submitted a full fee to your firm in advance under the tag of 53241.

It is sad but I want to have a full refund of my fees deposited as I am not satisfied with the newly appointed lawyer and the response of your firm. I hope you consider my letter seriously and process my fees refund within 2 working days.

I hope to hear a positive response from your firm regarding my reported issue.

Thank you

Case number: 12AB14


Quinto Chevalier

requesting lawyer services letter

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Template: 4

Lawyer Services Request Letter

Dear Madam,

My name is Quinto Chevalier, and I am a Social worker. I am working for the women and child welfare society and now want to start my own NGO to expand my work in this field.

I require some legal services to start my organization. I have attached all the required documents for the proceedings and listed the details of all the assets and wealth owned by the organization. I am familiar with your goodwill and want to work with you. 

I hope your positive response and looking for your legal assistance for my organization and trusted you to take me out of the troubling dilemma of the new organization’s legal functions. 

Please reply as soon as possible.  

Thank you.


Quinto Chevalier  

requesting lawyer services letter

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Template: 5

Lawyer Services Request Letter

Dear [Lawyer’s Surname],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to request your assistance as a pro bono lawyer in a matter concerning my status as a beneficiary of an estate.

As a beneficiary, I find myself in need of legal guidance and representation to navigate through the complexities of this situation. Your expertise in estate law would be invaluable in ensuring that my rights and interests are protected throughout this process.

I understand the significant commitment that pro bono work entails, and I am truly grateful for your consideration in taking on this case. Your assistance would not only provide me with much-needed legal support but also contribute to ensuring fairness and justice in this matter.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience. Please let me know a suitable time for us to meet or speak.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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