Letter of inquiry to a service company- Sample template


Recipient name

(Company/organization name)

Address of the recipient 


Subject: letter of inquiry to a service company

Dear (Sir/Madam)

I am writing this letter to inquire about the service of your company. I have gone through a thorough revise and come to know that your company is a trusted one.

With reference to the advertisement published in the (name of the newspaper) dated(d/m/y), I would like to make an inquiry of various types of services. I hope you will provide me more details about the service.

The aspects on which I want to know the information are as follows;

1) Process of general maintenance

2) Repair

3) Price list 

4) Warranty

5) Details of service/service details

The main reason behind this letter is to inquire about the exact details of the services. I request you to provide me the brochures. I would like to know about your terms and conditions. If you can send me samples, then I shall be able to check before making a decision. I would like to have an idea about different models, features, etc. 

I am looking forward to receiving the information from you as early as possible. 

Thank you very much.


Sender name 


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