Wrong Item Delivery Complaint Letter: 4 Templates

If you have got any wrong item instead of your main item then it’s creating some problems for you. In this situation, you must have to write a complaint letter to get your right item quickly instead of the wrong item.

Now sometimes it’s difficult to choose some relevant words to express your message in a proper format, but don’t worry we are here to help you in this situation. We have already covered some sample letters regarding this topic. 

Letter Template: 1



(Customer Care Manager)

(Company Name)

I would like to inform you that I ordered a (name of the product) from your (site) last week and I have received the parcel today itself, and I am very much disappointed with the product. Instead of a (name of the product), I have got a (name of the product).

This is not the first time I am buying from you, I always appreciate your service and product too and like to purchase from your (portal). Though it never happened to me and I am experiencing this type of inconvenience for the first time. 

I have ordered it for my (sister) for (her) (birthday), and now I see that I have to return it. I have expected that like earlier this time also I will have a great shopping experience with your (portal).

Though it is very dissatisfying for me, I expect it to be sorted out soon. I hope that I will get your help and cooperation on this matter. I am expecting the exact product in the exact color and size as well.

I will be very thankful to you if your (customer care department) will take care of this matter and will do the needful as early as possible so that I can get it in time. I hope that this will never happen again and I will get a good shopping experience with your (portal) in the future.

Thanking You


wrong item delivery complaint letter

Letter Template: 2


(Mention the Customer Care Manager)

(Mention Company Name)

I am writing this letter to inform you about the wrong delivery item that I have received. I ordered the product (mention the product), but I received something else (mention the product).

This has never happened before, so I am surprised and disappointed with this kind of service from your side as earlier this never happened before. 

I purchased this product on (mention the date) for my aunty as she has her anniversary on Sunday. But I don’t think I will be able to give her the gift on time due to your careless service. So please look into it and send the right item within this week.

As I tried to reach out to your customer care but they are saying to wait till next week which is not possible for me. 

So kindly check your services as it is about your reputation as well. We trust you then only I buy the product. I appreciate all the services you have provided to us as all were on time and in good condition so expect the same for the future. 

Will be waiting for your response and the right product. 

 Thank You

(Mention customer)

wrong item delivery complaint letter

Letter Template: 3


(Mention the Customer Care Manager)

(Mention Company Name)

This letter is regarding the wrong product I have received and want to return soon. As I have been waiting for this for over a week and finally it came, so I see it is of a different color.

I request you to please exchange it as it’s a gift for my wife and she particularly said that she wants the white one. So I hope you understand the situation as it is her birthday gift. 

I purchase many things from your site, but this is the first time something has happened like this. I did not expect this from such a reputed company. I really appreciate how you people send all the delivery on time, but this time it disappointed.

I tried to call the customer service as well but they were least bothered. So it struck me and thought of writing to the main head office. 

So kindly solve the matter and end the right product soon. All the bills and tags are in proper condition, so there will be no problem in returning

Will be waiting for your response.

Thank you for understanding my situation

(Mention customer)

wrong item delivery complaint letter

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