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A Complaint Letter for poor Customer Assistance in-store.

The life of a business is a customer. If the customer store experience is not satisfying, it will result in decrease of revenue. You can demonstrate your concerns through these messages. 


Customer service manager

[xyz store]

I have been a loyal customer at your store since 2 years and the reason I am writing this letter is because of the poor service that I had received at your store for three consequent visits. I moved to the fresh meat section and I could not find any store boy allocated to that section.

I waited for half hour yet no one showed up. Additionally when I reached at the billing counter, the person at the counter was talking over the phone for almost ten minutes. I requested her to get the billing done quickly but she did not pay any heed to my words.

The swipe machine was damaged and I had to wait for fifteen minutes to get the payment done. To my astonishment, the same incidents were repeated three times and I had to face much trouble during shopping.

As a customer, I don’t feel to get the proper services at your store as expected. I sincerely hope that you will look into the matter and ensure that the incidents are not repeated. Your store has been known in the past for good services and these incidents really blot your brand image. I am highly disappointed and I hope you will address this issue.

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

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