A Complaint Letter to Bank for not providing account statement

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Subject: Complaint about not providing an account statement in due time.

Dear sir/madam,

Three months ago, I opened a savings account with your bank. While opening the account, I have mentioned that I want bank statements every month in due time. But I have never received the statements in time till today. I went to the concerned branch, where the bank official asked me to write an application requesting for issue of statements in time. I completed the process. But, one month has passed, and I am yet to receive the statements. And the problem is not getting solved. It is not possible to make a list of all the payments by me. It is also very tedious for me to go to keep track of all the transactions myself.

I am a working man and have other responsibilities too. I do not have time to come to the bank only to file a complaint or fill the applications. It has been a long time. It is very disappointing that the bank is taking so much time to solve this small issue. I request you to look into the matter and solve it soon.

I have provided all the necessary details.

Saving account number: XXXXXXXXXX

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