Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Template – 8 Samples

There is no doubt that compliments can make anyone happy and hence when you receive a compliment you must show your gratitude to them.

If you receive a formal compliment for work or ethics make sure you mail them and thank them for their kind gesture, if it’s an informal mail, you must also write 2-3 lines in appreciation of that person and if its a formal one , you must all thank them for providing such a working culture

Letters and Emails on How to respond to a compliment

Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 1

Hello ,

I was charmed to get your note, and was especially pleased to read your benevolent words about our family. It made me happy to realize you feel comfortable with us. We are too delighted in becoming acquainted with you better. 

I have referenced your letter to “Friend Name” and will read it to the family at supper tonight. Please compose when you can. You are always free to stay with us when your travels present to you along these lines. 



Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 2


I wanted personally to tell you how gratifying it was to get your caring note of help and encouragement. Coming as it did from somebody all too familiar with exactly how tiring a campaign can be, it meant even more to me. 

I have taken the freedom of sharing your caring words with different individuals from our raising money board of trustees – the real movers and shakers in this gigantic exertion. Your words were obviously heartening to them. They, as much as I, profoundly appreciate your support and guarantee of future assistance. 

Again, please accept my genuine thanks. I anticipate future collaboration. 



Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 3

I genuinely appreciate your benevolent reaction regarding my endeavors to improve our testing procedure. I have given the issue a great deal of thought and expectation that my remarks will motivate management to take action. To make a distinction I will require your proceeds with help.Thank you especially for disclosing to me how much you have appreciated reading my section. I’m so pleased to realize that it lights up your day. I’m flattered that you believe it’s deserving of syndication!

It is because of the guidance and opportunity that I have got in the organization that I’m growing and exploring my own capabilities and hence would like to thank my team and your trust in me.

Thank you again for your benevolent remarks.  Thank you again. 


Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 4

Dear “Name”, 

Thank you especially for the letter you sent complimenting ABC Business and  endeavors. I realize you are occupied and appreciate you telling us that she is working superbly for you. 

I will certainly pass along your thoughtful words. We are enchanted when we realize we have made a distinction to those we serve each and consistently. You are the sort of customer we anticipate helping each day and make our occupations enjoyable. 

Kindest regards, 

Name of Sender


Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 5

I might want to thank you for your thoughtful expressions of appreciation regarding my presentation at your company’s New York office on how to improve sales and marketing at “ Company Name.

As a consultant recruited to guarantee the attainment of sales targets by your book distributing company, I concentrated on making the presentation far reaching so your administrators could learn all about new systems for marketing your books. I was pleased to get your letter appreciating my presentation and the recommendations I made to the management regarding marketing and exposure. As the CEO of the “Company Name” you have the vision and abilities to take this company higher than ever. I will treasure the letter as an indication of my professional achievement and achievement. I am also happy to realize that you would now like me to also make a presentation to your sales and marketing team at your London office as well. 



Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 6

Dear [Customer name], 

Thanks for the feedback on your involvement in our production  team. We truly appreciate your knowledge because it causes us to manufacture a better product and a better experience.

In the event that you have any more inquiries, remarks, or concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to reach back out as we would gladly assist. 


[Your name] 


Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 7

Hello [Customer name], 

Thank you for the benevolent words. I’m enchanted to hear that you had such a great encounter interacting with our customer bolster team. I totally understand how rewarding it can feel when your concern is explained in practically no time, and I’m glad to hear that our help team was able to accomplish that for you. I will relay that message to the remainder of my team. 

Feedback like this encourages us to constantly improve our customer encounters by comprehending what we are doing well and what we can take a shot at. In this way, I appreciate you taking an opportunity to send us this supportive reaction. 

Try not to hesitate to reach out on the off chance that you have any more inquiries, remarks, or concerns. We would love any feedback too from your side. Your words are the reason we work day in and day out.

Good health, 

[Your name] 


Writing Response to Complimentary Letter Sample 8

Dear [Customer name], 

This has been one of the most important compliments that I have received in the longest time. We know that you have been a part of our family and we have constantly tried to upgrade our services for you.
It was just last week when we got another client from your reference, it was so highly of you that you said such good words for us. We know that at times we do mess up, but your trust and faith in us is the driving force behind our growth and success.
It is in recent times that your orders have doubled up and hence we would now like to make a dedicated team to handle all your projects so that all the work is done as fast as possible and without any glitch.

Many many thank you for the compliments and wishing to serve you better.


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