Reprimand Tenants For Disobeying Rules Letter Template

Every organization creates some rules and regulations for its tenants. When anyone can’t obey these rules properly, the authority must write a letter to reprimand that tenant for disobeying the rules.

Here you have to mention the tenant’s name and some words to warn him about this type of incident. If you are in trouble completing your letter, you can easily take help from our sample letters below.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

       [Address of the recipient],


Sub: Letter to reprimand tenants for disobeying rules

     Dear (Sir/Madam),

This is an official letter to inform you about your repeated activity of disobeying the rules and regulations of our organization. We are sorry to say that this type of approach is not agreeable in our organization. Our other tenants have many grievances and complain against you as well. We request you follow the rules and regulations to make this a happy place for everyone. Hope you will change your negative attitude towards our rules and help our other tenants to live happily. If you want to know any details or have any say in it, you can contact our authorized person (mention the person’s name). Hope you will not force us to take any drastic steps against you.

We are eagerly waiting for your changed behavior.

Thank you very much,


[Name of the sender],


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