Reprimand For Poor Job Performance Letter Template

When any company or its authority notices some poor job performance of their company employee, they want to warn them about this. For this purpose, if you want, you can use our below sample letters regarding the letter of reprimand for poor job performance.

While writing this letter, you must choose some relevant words which can deliver your message in a proper format.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],



Sub: Letter of reprimand for job performance

Dear (Sir/Madam),

This letter is being written to alert you on behalf of our company (mention the name of the company/institution) for your poor performance and low quality of work. Your work is not being up to the mark for some days repeatedly.

We are sorry to say that your poor work style, which is also full of errors, has become very troublesome for our company.

We are receiving numerous grievances and complaints regarding your work performance. Due to this, our company is unable to fulfill our desired target. Therefore we are officially issuing this letter to warn you about your irresponsible performance.

If you have any queries, you can contact the authority in charge (mention the name and designation of the contact person). Hope you will earnestly try to improve your performance. 

Hope to see your better job performances. 

Thank you very much,


[Name of the sender],


[Institution name]

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