Decline Lease Renewal Due to Inappropriate Behavior Letter Template

Inappropriate behavior sometimes becomes the cause for the decline of the lease renewal. Now you are in the same situation when you have to write a letter to decline lease renewal due to inappropriate behavior.

While writing this letter it’s important to mention the points in a proper format. Here it’s also difficult to express your message with some effective words and points. We have already provided some sample letters regarding this topic in the below sample letters for your help.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of Manager or Lessor), 

This letter is a notice for you to decline of lease renewal. As you know in the past some very uncommon and unlawful incidents have taken place and hence we have decided to terminate our relationship this year.

Though we believe it must not be your intention to hurt the dignity of the apartment and yours due to companion from neighbors for disturbances and rude behavior, we feel that it will be nice if you look for a place in a different locality.

We would be more than open to meet you and discuss if you want and also will look at the property for any damages caused and it will be deducted from your security deposit. Once all the things are done we will sign the termination contract so that you move out legally.


(your name)

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