Letter to Welcome New Neighbor – 5 Sample Templates

Welcome Letter to Welcome New Neighbor - 5 Sample Templates

Letter to Welcome New Neighbor – 5 Sample Templates

There are times when you have new neighbors and it is always advised to have a healthy relationship with neighbors because in all happiness and sad time they are your first support. So if you see someone shifted in the locality make sure you drop by and ask if they need any help.

You must also convey to them about the locality and invite them over for tea so that you get to know each other. Find some samples below so that if someone shifts you can immediately send them  a customized note of welcome.

Letter to Welcome New Neighbor

Letter to Welcome New Neighbor Sample 1

Dear Catherine, 

I am Cindy,  sending in to welcome you to our private network. I am your neighbor, dwelling at 12th Main cross for the past 9 years. 

It is extremely incredible to see new inhabitants in our locale and, I am extremely certain that your family might want our tranquil network. 

You should manage a ton of worry as you have recently moved to this spot, so I won’t take quite a bit of your time. I simply needed to state that as you are new to this spot, on the off chance that you need any sort of help or data about this spot, kindly call me and, I would be glad to help you. 

My telephone no. is – 12345678. 

I anticipate having a distributing with you to realize you better when you are free. 

Take care, welcome to our private society. 




Letter to Welcome New Neighbor Sample 2

Dear Mr. Whatmore, Mrs. Cook: 

Welcome to Village Green Estates! 

I was simply exhorted by Sandy, one of our front work area customer administration specialists that you and your family have as of late moved into our neighborhood. It would be ideal if you acknowledge this as my own welcome to your whole family! 

You’ve settled on a phenomenal decision on where to put down roots, if just for some time. I’m certain that you and your three youngsters will cherish this intently sew little neighborhood we have here. Incredible individuals, great schools, heaps of parkland, and an extremely dynamic network affiliation are what make this one of the most attractive networks to live in any place in the territory. 

Notwithstanding inviting you as a neighbor; as President of the nearby vendor’s affiliation I might likewise want to welcome you in the interest of my kindred dealers. You’ll see that Village Green Estates has an excellent gathering of little dealers and administration organizations prepared to serve you with serious costs and attention on customer administration. 

We anticipate serving you and finding a good pace. Call me if you need anything

Reg Dawson 



Letter to Welcome New Neighbor Sample 3

Welcome to Rainbow Ville Homes. We are happy to have you in our neighborhood. We trust you see this spot legitimate as called your home. 

We have lived here in Rainbow Ville Homes for a long time at this point, and a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, we develop to adore the spot even more. We live two houses from you in the blue house. My name, coincidentally, is Jenna Stevens. I work in a law office. My significant other Ryan is a business operator for a development firm. We have three children, one kid, and two young ladies. I accept you have your very own child as I saw you with a little youngster on the day you showed up. 

I and my family, just as our other neighbors, are exceptionally eager to meet you and find a workable pace family better. It is safe to say that you are and your significant other accessible for supper this coming Saturday? I would adore for you to go to our home, and kindly bring your children along. You can call me at 5050505 to affirm or on the off chance that you need to propose another time for a social affair.

What’s more, on the off chance that you likewise need help with sifting through your stuff, kindly don’t spare a moment to call. You can even simply drop by our home on the off chance that you require help with anything. 

Once more, a warm welcome to you and your family. We trust you are as of now beginning to feel comfortable in your new neighborhood. 


Pattison Family


Letter to Welcome New Neighbor Sample 4

Dear Friend, 

We are your new neighbors and we needed to state ‘Howdy!’ to you and your family! 

We moved into 2500 North third Avenue simply the day preceding. Initially from Utah, we chose to move since we needed a superior personal satisfaction for our seven kids (ages 4 through 17) and their 98-year-youthful grandmother! 

Be that as it may, we are not new to the neighborhood. We have been here before ordinarily as visitors of the Fitzgeralds over at 2587. The Fitzgeralds are old companions of our own and it was they who made us aware of the extraordinary arrangement that the dealer was offering to the family that chose to purchase what presently is our new home. 

The house is extraordinary and the neighborhood is far better! The neighbors even helped us move in and had suppers and tidbits hanging tight for us! It was awfully sort of them. We are moved and anticipate having them over this end of the week for supper. 

We might want you and your family to go along with us!

We anticipate meeting you as outsiders and separating as companions. 

Fare thee well. 


Letter to Welcome New Neighbor Sample 5

Hello Michelle,

It is great to know that now you have become our neighbors and it is even great to know that you have shifted here today with your whole family.
I and my husband stay in the next block and would love to have you guys over for an informal meet and greet so that we start this journey of neighbors on a light note.

I would also like to offer you a trip to the nearby market so that you get well acquainted with the locality. Do let me know when do you plan to visit.


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