Complaint Letter to Airlines for Refund


[Authority name]

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[Name of Airlines]


Subject: Complaint regarding the refund

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a frequent flier of your Airlines, I am incredibly disappointed with my most recent experience with your company.

I arrived early for my scheduled flight (XXXX) to [Destination City]. Upon checking the electronic display in the terminal, I saw that the flight was listed as Delayed. I immediately enquired at the help desk for additional information. It was imperative that I make my connection and had my original flight been cancelled; there was another airline that could have accommodated my needs.

However, another employee of your airlines assured me that the flight was not cancelled, just delayed. Ultimately I learned the flight was indeed cancelled due to an issue it knew would not be resolved for several hours. Even worse, it was the last available flight to my destination city that day.

Upon leaving the terminal, I visited the main airline office, where I was told that the flight had been cancelled two hours earlier, but that was not informed to the passengers.

I believe your airline needs to take full responsibility for the inconvenience and expense I suffered due to your company’s inability to plan for the problems, and communication breakdown that occurred among your staff.

I expect to be compensated in the form of vouchers or similarly made whole. I await your response within two weeks.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Contact Number]

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