A complaint letter from teacher to parents for being irregular in class.

Dear Parents,

Being the class teacher of [student’s name] I regret to inform you that your (son) (Abc) is a student of (class viii) in our school and it has been an awful situation to inform you that (he) is very irregular in class. (He) is not attending classes regularly. It is noted that he is having below average attendance. All the teachers warned (him) but (he) is not taking this seriously so we have thought to inform you because being a guardian you people can handle this situation more effectively.

I am requesting you to pay attention on this matter and cooperate with us. If your son is so irregular in class then it will effect on (his) result and (his) performance will be weaker day by day. I think a communication between teacher and parents plays an important role to enhance the quality of education. With effective discussion it has been noticed that a child is able to improve in life. I think a transparency is needed between teacher and parents that is why I am informing you. Since I know that (he) is very good at studying so I am little worried about this. Many important topics are getting missed for (his) irregularity.

I hope you will understand what I am saying and you people will take proper care about this matter and wish for (his) bright future.

Thanking you

(Teacher’s Name)

(School’s Name)

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