Harassment at Workplace Complaint Letter

Every organization should ensure a pleasant environment for the employees at its workplace and encourage them to practice work ethics to eradicate harassment.

Letter Template: 1


Employer/Human Resource Management 

Name of Company

Address of Company

City, state, zip code

Subject: Complaint about Harassment 

Dear [ Name of Employer ],

I am writing you this letter to inform you about the behavior of one of the managers in the company [ Name of Manager ]. I am referring to the constant discrediting, use of abusive language, and intimidation that I have been experiencing from the manager. 

I have been a hardworking employee of this organization for the past 5years, and I never let anyone point out my job and my behavior toward their workers. I maintain a healthy relationship with all my colleagues and with the managers obeying their orders and achieving the deadlines of the projects by working for extra hours.

Nevertheless, I am being criticized and tortured during office hours based on gender and race.

I feel it is against the organization’s policies, and I decided to take this to your notice by writing this letter. And I also want to add that other employees are even facing this kind of situation along with me because of this person.

I have tried to bring this to your attention to no avail. It is, therefore, my wish that you try to find out the problem and act on it in the best way possible. I trust that you will handle the matter amicably.

I am looking forward to a positive response.


Your Signature

Your Name

 harassment at workplace complaint letter

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