Poor Meal Served Complaint Letter Template

A poor meal in a hostel is not good for health, so a complaint letter must be sent to the respective authority to resolve this issue properly. Now here, it’s important to mention the points in a proper format to express your message in a clear way.

Here we have enlisted some sample letters regarding a complaint letter for a poor meal served in the hostel.  If you have faced any kind of difficulties while writing your letter, you can easily take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention designation of addressee]

[Mention authority name]

[Address of the authority]

Respected [name],

I would like to bring it to your notice that our hostel food is not edible. Both the quantity and quality are reaching the lousiest. Inadequate food is a regular problem. We do not even know how this could be possible while paying for it. 

We do not get the food on time ever. Now come to the point of food quality. It is too substandard. The incident of serving stale food happened yesterday, and as a result, some of the hostel students started vomiting, including me.

With such type of situation, we started starving most the nights. We raised a verbal complaint about this a month ago but did not get any result.

Nobody is concerned with this matter. Every night most of us sleep hungry. Kindly pay attention to the point that we do not have to eat such rotten food shortly. 

The problem persists despite multiple complaints. Sometimes we only get some oily unhealthy food without any vegetables. They do not even bother to replenish when they run out of eatables.

Therefore, we are now giving a written complaint to solve this issue at the earliest opportunity. I shall have to report this matter to the higher authorities if this does not stop. 

Hoping for acquiescence to this request.

Yours sincerely, 

(Sender Name)

poor meal served complaint letter

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