Order Delay Complaint Letter: 4 Templates

We often come across situations where a placed delivery 🚚 is delayed without any notification for the same. Such delays can badly affect our plans and pre-decided schedules. 

Especially if an order is 💼 work-related, it can hamper our professional workflow. In such a scenario, an order Delay complaint letter is a good rescue to inquire about the delayed order. 

No worries if you are not acquainted with the format, do’s, and don’ts of writing an order 📦 delay complaint letter. Here is a full guide to make this process smooth as butter for you. 

What to Write in Order Delay Complaint Letter

What should you write ✍️ in an order delay complaint letter? Here is a full description of the content of a complaint letter in a serial order. 

  • Although it is a complaint letter, do not forget to start your letter with a simple greeting 🙏 to the person or company it is addressed to. It is better to start any letter in a positive tone so that the reader is more obliged to hear 👂your problems. 
  • You should introduce yourself and start concisely writing the complaint. Give sufficient details about the order that has been delayed. This part must include the date 🗓️ you placed the order, the day it was supposed to arrive, as well as the present date. 
  • If the order was related to a 🏭 company, make sure to write the correct name, number, and address of the company. Remember, to be precise, write all the details that are related to the order. 
  • This can be followed by explaining the urgency of your situation and the urgent need for the order to be delivered as soon as possible. You can write about the chaos this delay has created in your planned ⏱️ schedule. 
  • Write about their legal ⚖️ duties to deliver the goods at the decided date and time. This part can mention your complaint, and you can write a statement about your disappointment with this particular delay.
  • Lastly, you can end the body of the letter with the hope of receiving the order as soon as possible. Attach a copy of the sheet 📑 that shows proof of the delivery placed by you. 

How to Write an Order Delay Complaint Letter (Tips)

Swipe down ⏬ to read those essential tips that you’ll need to write this complaint letter. 

Accurate Details

If you fail to mention the accurate details regarding the delayed order, all your efforts to create a complaint letter can go in vain. A simple misplacement of one digit in the transaction 🪪 ID, date of decided delivery, or the number of goods to be delivered can lead to further miscommunication and delay. 

Be Short and to the Point

The sole purpose of an order delay complaint letter is to communicate about the delay, the necessity of on-time 🕰️ delivery for you, and details of the delivery. It must be very short and precise. 

Do not Get Offensive with Your Words

The purpose of a complaint letter ✉️ is to communicate your problems and disappointments with a particular company regarding the delay in the delivery.

However, you must not use offensive terms, blame the part that is responsible for the delay, or depreciate their company name while communicating these issues. 

Maintain a Standard Decorum

It is natural to feel annoyed 😠 as your workflow or other planning has been postponed due to this delayed order you are addressing in the letter. But you should not use harsh words and maintain a standard decorum in the tone. 

Template: 1

Late Delivery Complaint Letter

Dear [Name of Supplier],

I am writing this letter with reference to my order dated [order date]. The delivery was scheduled two days back, and I haven’t received the order yet. This long delay is causing substantial monetary loss and inconvenience to my business activities. The items in the order were a priority one, and as you promised on-time delivery, I agreed to proceed with the transaction.

Please let me know whether you can deliver the goods latest by tomorrow or else I will have to cancel the order, as I cannot wait any longer and will obtain items from anywhere else. 

This is not the first time I am complaining about the delay in deliveries of goods ordered, you have been repeating this pattern for one month for every order.

I called your customer service representative yesterday, but she booked my complaint and did not take any action. I am not expecting such kind of unaccepted behavior from a company like yours which operates in several cities.

If you are unable to address my concern, kindly refund my complete amount by the end of the day. If you fail to respond to my query, I will have to take this matter to the next level.

I am waiting for your prompt response and action. Thank you.

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

delay in delivery order complaint letter

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Template: 2

order delay complaint letter


[Write designation of recipient]

[Write address of recipient]

Sub: Late Delivery Complaint Letter

Dear [mention full name of the supplier],

I have written this letter to inform you that we have still not received order no. [Mention the order number]. It has been more than [mention the number of days] since we placed the order, but you do not seem to care to revert back to us. The item required in the order is very important to us, and because of it, our day-to-day operations are getting hampered.

We stating this to you for the last time and want a final within which you can deliver the said order to us, and if the order is not delivered o us within the mentioned date, then we will be compelled to place an order within a different [mention the type of the entity].

We had clearly stated to you in previous orders as well that the delivery time taken by your [mention the type of the entity] has resulted in a lot of losses to our [mention the type of the entity], and we cannot continue like this. You were informed that if this type of behavior continues to happen, then we would be forced to take stringent steps for the betterment of our [mention the type of entity].

Further, you were also shown that the delay in delivery of the orders has directly resulted in most of the operations being delayed and thus affecting the entire [mention the type of the entity].

We hope that along with this delivery, all future orders placed with your [mention the type of the entity] will be delivered within the stated time, or else we would be forced to end the business relationship.

Revert back to us as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

[Mention full name of the sender]

delay in delivery order complaint

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Template: 3

Order Not Delivered Complaint Letter


[Write designation of recipient]

[Write the address of the recipient]

Sub: Order Not Delivered Complaint Letter

Dear [mention full name of the recipient],

Order no. [Mention the order number] had been placed with your [mention the type of the entity] [mention number of months] months back, with the date of delivery being [mention the date of delivery]. It has been [mention the number of days] days since the delivery date, and still, there has not been any delivery of the said order.

This is [mention the number of times] time that we have written to you asking to be informed regarding the delivery of the said order, but there has not been any response from your [mention the type of the entity]. 

We do not indulge in this kind of professional relationship with another business client and would like to know the exact date the order will be delivered to our premises. If the said order is delivered on the mentioned date, then we would be acquiring the item in the said order from a different client and would be forced to review the business relationship with your [mention the type of entity]. 

There have also been previous instances where the delivery was delayed, and there was no information from your side.

We would like to inform you that association with a business client not adhering to the basic standards of business behavior is not our objective and we would be glad to end a relationship like this without any second thought. So please keep this in mind while taking any further orders from our side.

We ask you to inform us as soon as possible regarding the delivery of the order.

Yours truly,

[Mention full name of the sender]

order delivery delay complaint letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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