A Complaint Letter for Delivery in Wrong Address


The Manager,

[Store Name]


Dear Sir/madam,

On [mention date], I ordered a letter head stationery box for our office headquarters in [mention place]. Though I received your shipping within a week, the Letterhead shows another company’s address. 

Still and all I did not hope for getting a wrong product.  As our company is a big commercial brand hence, we have to maintain our product delivery time. But your shipment delay may affect our business too. On top of that I did not receive any declaration by your side. This is so offensive.  Such type of carelessness may cause a bad reputation to your store.

I kept aside the box in its original form and ready to return the stationery with the required corrections under separate cover. I would appreciate if you send me the proper stationery as soon as possible. Also, I hope you will credit my account with [mention amount] for the cost of stationery return. If you do arrange the return by your company then I have no issues at all. Just let me informed about it and I would not take the initiative to return the product by my own.  

Note it; I will be bound to take legal action against your store if I do not hear from your side within the next seven days regarding the replacement of the box. 

I hope for not to meet with this type of difficult furthermore. Thanking you in expecting your attention on this matter to solve it quickly. 


[sender name]

[contact number]

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