A Complaint letter to online store for Receiving the Wrong Color Product

Ref: Order no. [xxxx] of [date]

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to register a complaint about the wrong color product I received today. My order no is #2004. I ordered a set of —- before 5 days. According to your delivery update it showed that the product will come today. So, today morning it came. As soon as I opened the parcel, I saw the color of the product was changed. It was not the color what I have actually ordered. I don’t want this color product because this is of no use for me. It sounds much troublesome for me.

I have ordered the product for my daughter for her school program which is going to be held after 3 days only. She needs to wear white color socks and black color shoes compulsorily. But in the parcel I got blue color shoes and black color socks. Hope you understood my problem. I don’t want a refund. Therefore, I request you to send me the correct product within the stated time. Of course, I do not expect to be responsible for paying the return shipping costs or any other cost.

Please advise me on how you wish to handle the return of the goods, the courier, and the collection date. I have attached herewith the invoice which has been sent to me during the time of ordering. I have also attached photos of the delivered product. Please go through that and replace the product as soon as possible.

 I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(your name)

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