A Complaint Letter for Receiving Wrong color inside Packet


The Manager,

[Store Name] & [Address]


Dear sir/madam,

I shopped for two [mention brand name] tops from your store a few days ago, but today I got offended that the products weren’t right. On [mention date and time] , while I was shopping I picked up one red and one pink colored top to buy. But unfortunately, the pink color was not available in my size at that time. Therefore, one of the assistant of your store told me that they will courier these two products at my place. 

But today after the products were sent to me, when I unbarred the delivery package to check the products inside, I found that I have got two red tops when I was supposed to get one red and one pink in colour.

I put the items aside along with the price tags in the form I received. Your person will also be able to check it out while picking up the clothing.

I would like to put it into your notice that it has already been 11 days since I ordered the tops and cannot use the products as per my requirement. I therefore request you to attend promptly on my complaint and provide me with the right colour clothing as quick as possible.

Please let me know how you would like to handle the return of the product. I wish my complaint will be settled at the earliest.


[sender name]

[contact number]

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