A Letter To Offer Someone For Appointing For A Position

A letter to ahead of the company or some high-end official needs to be written formally and it can be sometimes stressful as one mistake, and they may look down upon you.

A Letter To Offer Someone For Appointing For A Position

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Sub:- recommendation letter for [ name of the concerned person]

Dear [Name of the applicant]

It gives me immense pleasure for recommending [name of the concerned person] to you for the position of the manager in your company. [name of the concerned person] has worked for me for five years, and he/she has not given me a single chance to complain about him/her. He/She is filled with determination and sincerity and is willing to take any challenge that you may throw at him/her. He/She also worked as the manager of my company and was one of the reasons for the smooth running of my company. He/She is very punctual and disciplined and has never given me the headache of delayed work. 

Since he/she is leaving this city, we sadly had to accept his/her resignation, but the good news is that he/she is moving to your town and I know you were looking for a manager for your company, and I have known you long enough to see that you would be delighted with him/her. I hope you will look into my recommendation and will give her a chance in your company.

Best Wishes,

[Your name]

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