Decline the Rent Increase Due to Budgetary Issues Letter Template

If you are a member of the budget department of your company and want to decline the rent increase then on behalf of the company you have to write a letter to the respective person.

Here while writing this letter you have to mention the reason for which your company is unable to pay the increase rent, and some words to request him to decline this increase in the building rent. You can also use our below letters for your help.

Letter Template: 1

Dear ( Name of the landlord) Sir,

On behalf of our company ABC limited, I am (name of the person) from the budget department of a company I would like to request you for declining the increase of rent for our building this year. sorry to say that this year we would not be able to pay you the increased rate of rent. because of the recession over the world.

Our company is also suffering from many losses. Last year we were on the verge of collapsing but now things are slowly and gradually getting back to normal and we want your help by not increasing the rent this year.

I on behalf of my company will give you a written letter about increasing our rent at the rate of this year’s loss. means we will give you an increased amount of this year’s rent and another year that is going to come in the future. 

Sir, I know that you are a very kind-hearted and thoughtful person and you are also a businessman. Please empathize with us and help us by declining the increase in this year’s rent. I hope that you will surely understand our problem.

Kindly please reply to us as soon as possible. We are eagerly waiting for a favor from your side. I also want to assure you that you will never suffer loss because of us. If you have any query you can contact me on 84 88888 or email me on [email protected].

yours faithfully

(name of the person)

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