Job Opening Inquiry Letter Template

If you require a job in a company or organization, you must inquire about job openings in that particular company or organization. To write this kind of letter we have posted some sample inquiry letters here regarding that subject.

You should clearly express why you have written this letter and what information you want to know from them while writing this letter. You must also include your name, address, and contact number so that they can reach you if they have any job opportunities. 

Letter Template: 1

Your Name

Your Address

Street, City, State




[Mention the name]

[Mention the address]

City, State, Zip-code

Subject- Letter of Inquiry for A Job Opening

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am [mention the name] and I have just completed my degree [mention the name of the degree] in [mention the subject]. I have earned my degree from the University of [mention the university details]. I am presently searching for a job and I am keen to be a part of your company.

I would like to know if there is any fresh opening in your esteemed company. [name of the company] is a well-reputed company and I wish to work under such a big name. It will be of great help if you forward me the information regarding new job openings. I can forward my academic records and documents, if necessary.

I will wait for your reply. I will be obliged if you give me a scope to prove my allegiance to the company. Thanking you in anticipation

Yours Sincerely

[name of the sender]

Download Template :
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