Employee Retirement Announcement Email – 5 Formats

Retirements are very emotional in nature. Someone who worked for you for so long is now leaving the organization. It is a void that is very tough to be filled because someone can join with the same technical capabilities but it is tough for them to have some real-time experience that this person had.

Always write about the significant contributions of the person to the growth of the organization. You must end his journey with good words and a farewell party.

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Employee Retirement Announcement Email

Dear Donna, 

I might want to personally compliment you on your retirement from Big Company. I am delighted in working with you during your time here, and I consider you a significant asset to our company as well as a pleasant presence in the workplace, as well. 

While you will be remembered fondly by us all at Big Company, you positively deserve your retirement. Your difficult work and perseverance have extraordinarily profited our company, and I trust that the rest of the employees here will strive to follow your stellar model. 

Your contributions to our general promoting strategy and the day-by-day activity of the division with the guidance you gave to the item advertising managers will be sorely missed. We do value your suggestion that the group is self-coordinated and grown sufficiently to not require a pioneer, just an approach to stay in contact with and understand the general course. 

It has always been my pleasure to work with you. So, while I am saddened to see you go, I am sure that you will locate the same success and happiness in retirement that you encountered during your time here. 

I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Retirement will surely offer you many new opportunities, which I realize you will grasp wholeheartedly, just as you did at Big Company. 

Please stay in contact, and visit regularly on the off chance that you find that you have the opportunity. I trust you have a ton of fun and productive retirement! 

Best wishes, 


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Employee Retirement Announcement Email

Dear Margaret, 

To announce your retirement formally to our team, the customer service group is scheduling a lunch at Gabriel’s that the entire group plans to join in. Since you said that you’d appreciate a last lunch with the group, we’re getting it going. 

It’s our small method for telling you the amount we have valued you and your contributions for these years. The division and our work could never have been so fantastic without your guidance and vision of service. 

You have genuinely passed on to the rest of the group the information that commitment to customers and understanding their needs is the thing that keeps us in business. Your earth-shattering work in attempting to figure out what the customer needs before the customer knows he needs it has also hugely affected the success of the group. 

We’ll keep you in our thoughts and expectations that your retirement is all that you deserve. We trust that you’ll stay in contact and let us think about your next journeys. 


Mary for the Customer Service Team 

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Employee Retirement Announcement Email

Hello there Terry, 

This note is to announce and compliment you on your retirement. I’ll go to the retirement party the company is giving on Friday. In any case, just in case I miss conversing with you in the group, I want you to realize that I have esteemed you as a partner and will miss seeing you grinding away. 

On the plus side, it sounds as in the event that you have many hobbies, chipping in opportunities, and travel that you are planning for retirement. So, I trust you have a rich, multi-faceted future that will compensate you for your many years of difficult work. 


Ron Pence 

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Employee Retirement Announcement Email

This email comes with blended feelings as we announce the retirement of one of our employees. Chris James has been our Senior Sales Manager for twenty-seven years, and he has concluded that the opportunity has arrived to resign. 

Chris began his excursion with us twenty-seven years prior as a simple cashier at the front of the store. He slowly, yet surely stirred his way up to sales manager. In the long run, Chris was elevated to Senior Sales Manager, where he worked throughout the previous twenty years. Chris started out as a shy and hesitant employee and has developed into a very much adored and acknowledged individual from our sales group. 

Chris has helped the sales office surpass in several areas. Furthermore, he has helped train several staff members, passing his vast information on to different employees. There will be a retirement party held for Chris one weekend from now, and separate emails will be sent out to everybody. You may RSVP in the front office on the off chance that you might want to join in. 

Chris James has contributed twenty-seven years of experience to this company, and his achievements won’t be overlooked. Please go along with me in wishing him the best in the following stages of his excursion. 


Printed Name of Boss 

​By Andre Bradley 

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Employee Retirement Announcement Email

Dear Ms. Cook: 

I compose this letter to announce the proper retirement from Hatch Library as a reference librarian, successful February 15. It was a pleasure for the library to have you as you had the most experience amongst all of us and it helped us grow both personally and professionally. The lesson you gave us about books and how they resemble lives will forever stay with us.

The journey of the last 16 years that you served here is full of ups and downs. We started in a room but you stayed by us from seeing what we had and what we have now and hence I would like to show my gratitude and offer you profit-sharing in the future as well. We would like you to have a lifetime free membership here so that you can keep visiting us every now and then.
Your presence is like a senior in the house and it will surely guide us towards further growth.


Barbara Schultz

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