Pregnancy Announcement Letter: 4 Templates

This letter template will help you to disclose your wife’s pregnancy in a comfortable manner to the specific recipient. You can put the best of your emotion in a written way to share the good news.

You can share the current health status of your wife. You can also state how both of you are following the doctor’s guidelines.  Since you are looking forward to new parenthood, you can ask for guidance from the recipient as well. 

Letter Template: 1

Pregnancy Announcement Letter

Dear [Name of the recipient],

I am [Mention your name] writing this letter with great pleasure, to announce to you that my wife [Mention name of your wife] is pregnant. When I heard about this news, I was almost in the air.

This was a very precious and most awaited moment of my life, and I thought of sharing this good news with you. I don’t know how to express my inner feelings with you only I can say; I am feeling like I am the happiest person in the world.

The health of my wife or would-be mother is very good, and we are also following, all the suggestions and preventions which the doctor has told us to follow. I am sure you are also going to be too happy to read this. We are doing everything that we can to keep her happy and healthy so that we will get a healthy baby.

We are thinking to meet you and take your guidelines for successful parenthood and how to take care of the baby.

Thanking you!


[Mention Your Name]

[Mention your contact information]

[Your Signature]

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